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Renovated Italian castle accommodation opens in Piedmont Region

Castello di Casalborgone has been restored to its Renaissance splendour.

Just 18 months ago Castello di Casalborgone was an abandoned building dating back to 999 AD, standing empty for the past 40 years. Following a meticulous renovation by Gary Douglas, an American entrepreneur and antiques aficionado, the castle has been restored to its former glory.

Located 30 kilometres from Turin and 1.5 hours from Milan, the Castello commands incredible hilltop views of the quaint Casalborgone village and surrounding fields, and is comprised of 12 guest rooms, a bell tower, grand hall, historic library with books from the 1600s, a bar and drawing room, each space if furnished with antiques and original artworks.

Every little detail has been considered with Douglas having handpicked very item, from the $12,000 handmade bedspread from Jaipur in one of the guest rooms to the 300-year-old Aubusson Tapestry on the central wall and the Baccarat chandeliers from Persia.

“The European Renaissance was a time of artistic genius, cultural sophistication and intellectual enlightenment,” says Gary. “I want people to be able to experience the magnificence of that time, right in the heart of its birthplace – Italy.”

Douglas believes that in this fast-paced modern world we need more places like this. “This home is a space where you can get away from the madding crowd and just be absorbed by this beautiful castle, its beautiful views, historical opulence and a sense of amazing possibility.”

He also believes the most magical thing about a stay at the castle is the silence: “The one thing that doesn’t exist in many places on Earth anymore is silence. It is something that most people who live in cities are starved of.”

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