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How to buy a rare and dazzling Argyle pink diamond

Dazzling Argyle Pink diamonds are world-renowned for their stunning colour intensity.

From beautiful rose hues to the highly prized purplish pinks, these diamonds are exquisite to look at.

They’re also incredibly rare. And the conditions required to create them are unlikely to happen again in our lifetimes.

Argyle Pinks hail from WA’s remote East Kimberley region. The intense colour is produced due to the Argyle pipe, a volcanic pipe made up of olivine lamproite.

The first Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender was held in Antwerp in 1984. Only a handful of Select Ateliers were invited to the annual event, which showcases a small selection of the most highly prized and valuable pink diamonds mined that year.

The pinks on display at Antwerp would barely fill two champagne flutes.

In November 2020, Rio Tinto closed the Argyle Diamond mine, making pink diamonds even harder to find.

Renee Tania pink diamond

Where you can buy them

Renee Tania is an Australian sole trader with access to some of the very last Tender Diamonds along with several other rare diamonds.

“As an Online Sole Trader, my prices are extremely competitive,” she said.

“In saying that, it can still be so daunting spending a massive amount of money on anything you buy.”

Tania has created a free download that explains everything you need to know about Argyle pink diamonds.

“If you were lucky enough to already have one of these beauties a big congratulations to you as you have won the jackpot,” she said.

“Any of these lucky people will tell you how addictive these diamonds are once you have one and you’ll just keep wanting more.”

They’ll also keep increasing in value, which is great for investors.

Renee Tania also has a wide selection of GIA certified colourless diamonds, wedding bands, custom Engagement Rings and Jewellery.

She works with her clients to create bespoke pieces that will last generations.

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