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How a rare series 1 Jaguar discovered in a barn was restored to its former glory

It might look like it has driven straight out of a James Bond movie, but this rare 1963 series 1 Jaguar E-Type took more than 2,500 hours to be transformed to its former glory after it was discovered in a Californian barn.

It was one of only 7,600 series 1 3.8-litre E-Types ever made. It’s a fully original example of the iconic model that would have any car enthusiast immobilised in awe.

The coupé was repatriated to the state-of-the-art restoration facility at Hilton & Moss in the UK, where it underwent its lengthy restoration by a team with a combined expertise of more than 100 years.

Treated like royalty, the car was transformed into a better-than-new example original with a gleaming Opalescent Golden Sand paintwork.

rare series 1 Jaguar E-Type before restoration
Rare series 1 Jaguar E-Type before restoration

Tired to transformed

The team at Hilton & Moss began by meticulously restoring every nut and bolt to each body panel.

Chrome elements were delivered to specialist partners for expert treatment. Meanwhile, the vehicle shell and doors were prepared on-site for its rich new paintwork. The vehicle was then coated with a polyester primer and grey primer rubbed down and placed in a rollover jig to receive its new coats of paint and lacquer.

The suspension units were then inspected and adjusted, while brand-new rubber seals and fixings are fitted throughout the vehicle.

The finishing touches

The E-Type’s rich red interior is treated from the footwells up to a full refinish. It was then equipped with a slick five-speed transmission, electric power steering and ignition, finished with a state-of-the-art audio system integrating Bluetooth functionality – all encased by a beautifully traditional fascia.

Once all the pieces of the vehicle were brought together in a better-than-new form, it was returned to the owner’s father for unrivalled driving pleasure once more. Maybe he’ll even whip up a martini to celebrate. Shaken not stirred.

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