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Swim with manta rays at the unspoiled Archipelago of Raja Ampat

Be one of the few privileged to experience an exclusive cruise through ‘The Four Kings’, known as Raja Ampat.

Indonesia’s oceans hold secrets rarely seen by those who do not enter its depths. Hugging the Equator and forming part of the Coral Triangle, the West Papua province contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth and is home to 75% of the world’s species. A paradise for snorkellers and divers who seek up-close encounters with giant oceanic manta rays and enigmatic whale sharks who favour the rich, warm local waters.

This exotic West Papua province of Indonesia is home to the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem. Savour the finest onboard your state-of-the-art, hand-built sailing yacht for a unique, privatized cruise of exceptional standing. Whether with family or friends, your journey into Raja Ampat will be one filled with breathtaking landscapes and wondrous memories to return home with.

Aerial view of traditional Indonesian sailing ship in Raja Ampat
Traditional Indonesian sailing ship © Silolona Sojourns

Adventuring into Raja Ampat

Day 1 – Day 2 

On your first day, dive at Cape Kri or go kayaking in the Gam mangroves. You’ll have the opportunity to swim and dive with the giant oceanic manta rays on day two. After, trek through the forest of Sawingrai village to try and witness the mating rituals of the Red Bird of Paradise. Led by a local Papuan, you’ll get insight into the area from an expert. Dine beneath a blanket of stars before continuing your journey towards the Wayag archipelago.

Day 3 – Day 4

Discover the magical maze of limestone karsts, pitcher plants and wild orchids in the Wayag lagoon as you adventure via tender or kayak. Whether by sunset or sunrise, trek on the karst pinnacles and climb Mt Pindito. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning panoramic of Wayag’s Bay.

Your final day can be spent indulging onboard, soaking up the services of the crew, indulging in a massage or sunbathing on deck.

Sailing Raja Ampat_sunbathing deck chairs
© Luxaviation

Sail away

Aboard your modern incarnation of a traditional Indonesian sailing ship, you’ll find all the safety and amenities of the 21st century melded with the style and grace of ages long past. Meticulously designed facilities are complemented by first-class service delivered by a crew of 17. Dine on delectable Asian cuisine prepared by your private chef. Enjoy an exclusive private gourmet dinner on a virgin beach. And, indulge in a massage while you sail by sublime landscapes and secluded pristine beaches.

Featuring three suites and two bedrooms, the spacious vessel will be your deluxe home away from home.

Silolona Sojourns Raja Ampat
Swimming with manta rays © Silolona Sojourns

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