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Quark Expeditions: The leader in polar adventures

Specialising in expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic, Quark Expeditions® has been the leading provider of polar adventure travel for over 27 years. This kind of specialised experience has taught them how to interpret the signs in the environment and to know what lies behind the next bend. That’s how they deliver the most immersive polar experience both on and off the ship.

From nuclear-powered icebreakers strong enough to carve ice all the way to the North Pole, to compact liners sturdy enough to navigate narrow channels and iceberg-choked bays, all their ships are built to the highest ice classifications and technical specifications.

They choose to operate small ships (200 passengers or less) because this allows for unfettered exploration of fjords and other geographically constricted areas that bigger ships cannot reach.

Led by passionate and seasoned Expedition Teams, including scientists, naturalists and researchers, the on-ship program focuses on guest interaction to educate and enrich the passenger experience. The staff combine an intimate knowledge of the Arctic and Antarctic, Quark Academy training and a fierce expeditionary spirit and are considered high-calibre experts in the polar regions. Reading the nuances of nature, they take travellers on a deeper, more immersive polar experience than other tour operators.

With a clientele (and Expedition Team) hailing from all corners of the globe, they offer the most advanced multilingual language program available on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.

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Off the ship, they offer the industry’s most robust line-up of exhilarating polar activities, so travellers can embark on unscripted experiences, capture new perspectives by land or by sea and make the expedition uniquely their own. An Adventure Option line-up includes hiking, snowshoeing, camping on the ice, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, a bracing polar plunge and more!

A polar expedition is truly unforgettable when it goes off-script to explore opportunities that arise, pushes boundaries to uncover places where few travellers have ever set foot, and includes the expertise and passion of a team dedicated to ensuring each day of the journey includes extraordinary moments.

For more information, contact your preferred travel professional or email or call a Polar Travel Adviser at: +1 800 812 855.


Lead image © Quark/David Merron