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How to claim your Qantas vaccination rewards

Qantas vaccination rewards will start on Tuesday, August 24.

Vaccinated Qantas frequent flyers can claim thousands of prizes as a reward and go into the draw to win free flights, accommodation and fuel for a year.

The highly-anticipated rewards program is an incentive for Australians to get vaccinated and comes after the airline announced it would make vaccination compulsory for staff.

Qantas double status points

How does it work

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told Sunrise double-vaccinated frequent flyers over the age of 18 can claim a reward through the Qantas app.

They will have the choice of 1000 Qantas Points, 15 status credits, or a $20 discount on Qantas or Jetstar.

Once they have claimed their prize, Qantas will also enter them into the mega-prize draw, where 10 frequent flyers will win a year’s worth of flights, accommodation and fuel.

The prize will include international destinations once the borders have reopened.

T80 Qantas
Inside a Qantas flight.

Vaccination rewards winners

Qantas will choose one winner from each state and territory. The rest will be chosen from a national TV campaign.

“Getting vaccinated is an important step that every Australian can take that brings us that little bit closer to life as we knew it,” he said.

“As the national carrier, we want to recognise those who have made the effort to protect themselves and the community.”

Joyce said he hoped the Qantas rewards offer would encourage other companies to incentivise Australians to get vaccinated.

“We know other companies are looking at how they recognise people who have got the vaccine, and we think more will follow,” he said.

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