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Porsche and Boeing join forces to explore the futuristic world of flying cars

Porsche and Boeing join forces to explore the futuristic world of flying cars

The two superpowers will be working together to investigate the potential extension of urban traffic into air space.

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding, Porsche and Boeing have made the commitment to research the future of luxury flying vehicles. Once the two companies have put together an international team, they will have several goals at the forefront of their study, including extensive analysis of the market potential for premium airborne vehicles as well as looking into where they could be used.

In addition to this research, Porsche, Boeing and Aurora Flight Sciences (a subsidiary of Boeing) are developing a concept for a fully electrical take off and landing vessel, with a prototype in the works to be designed, implemented and tested by their in-house engineers.

Porsche have been investigating the potential of air travel over the past couple of years in the hope that they can enhance their scope as a sports car manufacturer and take their luxury automobiles skyward. A study from 2018 by Porsche Consulting indicated that the air traffic and mobility market would pick up speed after 2025, suggesting that this is the perfect time for their brand to enter the field.

The combined strength of two leading companies could unlock the market when it comes to creating a third dimension of travel. Known for precision engineering and demonstrating with them a distinctive style, leading executives are hoping that they can be one of the first to address premium air mobility with Porsche and Boeings’ pooled resources.

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