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People4Ocean are making luxurious, eco friendly sunscreen

People4Ocean are making luxurious, eco friendly sunscreen

Something as simple as choosing natural alternatives to protect our skin could take pressure off the world’s most endangered marine ecosystems, advocates Louise Laing

The majority of sunscreens found on supermarket or pharmacy shelves comprise up to 20 chemical compounds. This means that, for 97 per cent of choices on the market, protecting your skin from dangerous UV-rays implies injecting your body with a cocktail of chemicals.

UV-absorbers ending up in the ocean

When swimming in the ocean or showering at home, sunscreen inevitably washes off, and UV-absorbers are not easily removed by common wastewater treatment techniques.

People4Ocean eco friendly sunscreen

As a consequence, and with the increased use of sun protection worldwide, chemical UV-absorbers are now being detected in almost all water sources around the world, and there is growing concern regarding their environmental impacts on aquatic species, particularly coral reefs, which can suffer from effects ranging from DNA damage to hormonal disruption.

People4Ocean eco friendly sunscreen

Enter People4Ocean Sun Care, cofounded by reef scientists Louise Laing and her husband Austin a couple of years ago after witnessing the devastating impacts of climate change while working on a USAID-funded, large-scale reef rehabilitation project in Seychelles – and determining to make combatting the coral reef crisis their “way of life”.

“We were not sunscreen lovers to start with… All the sunscreens we could find were filled with toxic ingredients, unpleasant to use and harsh on the skin. In 2018, we returned to Australia, determined to raise awareness on this issue and set out on a journey to create sun care solutions genuinely good for us and harmless to ocean life,” says Louise.

Joining forces with skincare brand LaGaia Unedited, the challenge of addressing skin and oceanic wellness hand-in-hand became a reality. The P40 range combines the best ingredients from the spa industry and excludes all toxins found in mainstream sunscreens.

“We also don’t dilute our sunscreens with water of synthetic fillers, resulting in concentrated and long-lasting protection.”

Reef safe sunscreen

Since its origins, People4Ocean has committed to its fundamental core – Protect More Than Your Skin™ – by donating a percentage of all sales towards reef conservation initiatives.

“We believe our sun care products – and the people that use them – can be a driving force to help preserve reefs worldwide. With P4O, applying sunscreen goes beyond personal care, it is a promise to your long-term health and to the future of our oceans.”

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