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10 incredible online leaning courses

10 incredible online leaning courses

From coding to fashion, we’ve found 10 ways for you to remain busy, connected and learning from the comfort of home.

1. Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

French fashion school Institut Français de la Mode has opened up its course Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture to online users, with exclusive input from designers like Paul Smith and CEOs from Chanel and Hermes. The virtual lectures reflect on fashion in culture and examine it as an industry.

2. Master the art of pasta

Who better to learn the art of pasta-making from than 84-year-old Italian grandma? Nonna Nerina shares her family’s recipes on a two-hour weekly livestream. It’s an exclusive affair: these are not recipes pulled from any old Italian cookbook, but a culmination of 150 years of cooking expertise.

3. Learn a new language

Although you may not be travelling, that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for your next holiday by learning a new language. The interactive Duolingo is a forerunner in the field, featuring spoken, written and listening activities for users of different levels in 30-plus languages.

4. Attend Virtual Dance Classes

Dance like no one is watching from the comfort of your home with the Sydney Dance Company’s virtual studio. With 45 digital classes designed for both beginners and experienced dancers and covering all styles – from ballet to jazz and hip-hop to tap – it’s perfect for those who want to practise in private.

5. Listen to industry experts

Through MasterClass courses, industry experts share their insider secrets: Natalie Portman teaches acting, Martin Scorsese covers filmmaking, Gordon Ramsay shares cooking tips, Annie Leibovitz instructs photography, Dr. Jane Goodall highlights conservation and Anna Wintour oversees leadership.

6. Discover The Science of Well Being

Want to be an Ivy League graduate? Yale University is sharing its most popular course online in a 10-week seminar series. Taught by psychologist Laurie Santos, ‘The Science of Well Being’ focuses on how to increase your overall happiness, and guides you through creating more productive habits.

7. Become a cunning coder

A free platform, Code Academy offers courses ranging from introductory programming to advanced languages, including HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The best part? Learners receive instant feedback so they can check if they are on the right track, before moving on to real-world projects to test their skills.

8. Channel your inner artist

Sydney-based Classbento is connecting people with leading creatives across live-streamed art courses ideal for self-isolation. There’s truly something for all tastes, including embroidery, calligraphy, candle-making, pottery and painting – there is even a seminar on how to make a ‘quarantine coffee scrub’.

9. Declutter your space

Many of us are channelling our inner Marie Kondo, but for some, decluttering can feel overwhelming. International Open Academy is offering a ‘Decluttering Your Home Masterclass’, which shares advice on how to let go of items that no longer serve you, as well as explaining how clutter can impact mental health.

10. Connect with Nature

Why not dedicate some time to learning more about our planet and climate change, and discover all the things that we can do to save it? The Sustainable Living Course from the Centre of Excellence hones in on all things green and sustainable, from water conservation to recycling.

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