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WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group presents The Jane Seymour

WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group presents The Jane Seymour

As a key supporter for the revival of Noël Coward’s classic play, ‘The Vortex’, which made its world debut in Singapore, WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group presented an art-for-charity gala evening which benefited the International Committee of the Red Cross. A-lister Jane Seymour, OBE, adopted a leading role in the British Theatre Playhouse’s production – a play about sexual vanity and emotional dependency and set in the world of 1920s London high society. To celebrate Seymour’s accomplishments in the film industry, WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group crafted a 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond ring in platinum, and plated with rose gold. The masterpiece, named The Jane Seymour, was created for the diamond behemoth’s private collection.

Based on recent records from auction powerhouses, Sotheby’s lists a 2.11-carat fancy intense blue diamond ring that fetched USD 1,899,322 in October 2015, and according to Christie’s, a 1.74 carat fancy intense blue diamond ring fetched USD 1,925,000 in December 2015. The industry recognises fancy vivid blue diamonds as being rarer and therefore more valuable than their fancy intense counterparts. The Jane Seymour could easily fetch in excess of USD 2,000,000, however, the creation is priceless after accounting for its celebrity recognition.

The Jane Seymour is the first and only jewellery creation in the world named after the celebrity herself, and is the only celebrity ring in the world that isn’t pre-owned. It represents an A-lister who is overflowing with energy and preparing for her next roles in the film and theatre industry. This masterpiece is unlike anything else the world has ever seen – blue is the colour of all inclusiveness. Karan Tilani, Director of the WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group, stated that “Anything beyond our perception tends to be blue, whether the ocean or the sky”. With Seymour herself as the brand ambassador for The Jane Seymour, the ring is indeed priceless. You will never find a piece of celebrity jewellery in the market, unless it is pre-owned – take for example the prized collections of Elizabeth Taylor, Ellen Barkin and Maria Felix.
During her trip to Singapore, Jane Seymour OBE was hosted for a welcome dinner by World Of Diamonds Group at CÉ LA VI. She was first presented to the ring then, which she flaunted on her graceful fingers, and well enhanced by the blue dress she wore. Her reaction was priceless as she was absolutely thrilled being able to boast a jewellery creation crafted in her honour, and named after her. Seymour had also spotted her Open Hearts jewellery collection which she is the designer for, and the message of “love has no boundaries and flows unconditionally” complemented the elegance of the beyond rare blue diamond ring. At the unveiling, Seymour proudly took ‘selfies’ with the masterpiece, and signed and endorsed catalogues of “The Jane Seymour”, which would eventually be passed on to the buyer of the ring.

A lavish welcome for Seymour and the cast members of ‘The Vortex’ was held on 25 April, as they were treated to an extravagant 12-course gastronomic dining experience at CÉ LA VI – the destination launched by L Capital Asia, the Asian private equity business sponsored by Louis Vuitton-Moët Hennessy (LVMH), the world’s largest lifestyle conglomerate. As The Jane Seymour was exclusively unveiled to Seymour herself and graced her finger for the evening, the celebrity received a rare 21.61-carat amethyst, her birthstone, presented by WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group.

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Following this, a grand gala at Raffles Singapore took place on 29 April and for a worthy cause. Themed ‘Great Gatsby, Red Carpet Glamour’, Seymour flaunted an extraordinary Ville de Genève necklace – a WORLD OF DIAMONDS creation worth nearly USD 24,000,000 and boasting an 18.18-carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond. Among the guests in attendance were President Tony Tan & Mrs Mary Tan, the EU Ambassador to Singapore, British High Commissioner, and prominent individuals from Singapore’s high society.

Consecutive celebrations were held for Seymour and ‘The Vortex’ cast members; an exclusive lunch on 3 May on board a massive sailing ship, the Royal Albatross, hosted by WORLD OF DIAMONDS, Resorts World Sentosa and Tall Ship Adventures. A four-course degustation menu designed by celebrity chef restaurant Osia was served. On 6 May, WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group hosted another lunch which was no less flamboyant at Angelina, Capitol Piazza. Friends were charmed by the sophisticated salon and indulged in a five-course degustation French-inspired cuisine, paired with a range of fine GH Mumm champagnes and Martell Cordon Bleu. The finale was not compromised, and the venue of choice was the world’s highest al fresco bar for 10 May. An after-dinner party, WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group and 1-Altitude celebrated the tremendous success of British Theatre Playhouse’s production with its star-studded cast members from London, including Seymour and her partner David Green. While guests enjoyed copious amounts of champagne and generous platters of tapas, ‘The Vortex’ will be the talk of the town for many months to come. The Jane Seymour was on display for all the festivities.

Despite the plethora of grand occasions, WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group threw yet another party at CÉ LA VI. On 18 May, over 200 socialites, prominent individuals and ambassadors from the diplomatic circle were treated to a private champagne and cocktail evening which coincided with CÉ LA VI’s 5th-year diamond life anniversary. With splendid views overlooking the Singapore skyline, premium bubbly and fine spirits flowed endlessly, complete with sparklers fit to rival life-sized fireworks. WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group celebrated the month by sponsoring four fancy coloured diamonds worth almost USD 80,000. The jewels, one for each Wednesday of May, are destined for a privileged lady who grooves at CÉ LA VI Club Lounge.

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