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Is a culinary-focused cruise the best way to see Europe?

Looking for authentic gourmet experiences in Europe? One of the best ways to get on board with the culinary cruise trend is to explore Europe on a small, luxurious ship with Oceania Cruises.

Sometimes, the best travel moments – those that linger long after you return home – are the ones made over food and wine. That homemade limoncello you sip along Italy’s dreamy Amalfi Coast. The octopus grilled for you at a Santorini winery. A private meal prepared by a chef in Provence. Such experiences await on Oceania Cruises’ immersive, and exclusive, ‘Food & Wine Trails’ around Europe. Each guided by a sommelier, chef, vintner or culinary whiz to ensure that when you step back onto your ship at the end of the day, you’ve taken a deep dive into your destination’s cuisine, as well as its culture.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy
The Amalfi Coast, Italy © Tom Podmore | Unsplash

A European treat

In the Mediterranean, your Oceania Cruises itinerary might offer the chance to enjoy the ‘Amalfi’s Tramonti Winery & Ancient Roman Villa’ shore excursion. You’ll be tasting wines and spirits, before sitting down to a meal of Tramonti specialities. And then there’s the ‘Suvereto & Super Tuscan Estate, Tua Rita’. This traverses medieval Tuscan villages allowing you to sip fine wines paired with regional dishes.

In France, visiting atmospheric Provencal villages is only interrupted by yet more wine tastings. As well as a degustation prepared by applauded chef Eric Sapet. Furthermore, in Greece, you’re treated to the bewitching beauty of Santorini, while learning about the island’s unusual techniques employed in growing grapes. There may be foraging involved, cooking classes, market tours and visits to top regional purveyors. And many outings are escorted by one of Oceania Cruises’ chefs offering a truly cuisine-focused experience.

Dining onboard Oceania Cruises

If your preference is to stay on board, you don’t need to leave your Oceania Cruises ship to take the culinary pulse of destinations – the fleet’s speciality restaurants offer a taste of place, prepared using the finest ingredients.

From Castilla-La Mancha saffron to French custom-milled flour, Oceania Cruises’ artisanal ingredients echo the dedication poured into every dish.

Small wonder it’s known as ‘The Finest Cuisine at Sea’.

oClass-La-Reserve-on Oceania Cruises
Experience ‘The Finest Cuisine at Sea’ onboard Oceania Cruises

Small-ship cruising indulgences

While food and wine are a central part of any Oceania Cruises voyage, the upper premium line also prides itself on offering intimate, curated experiences on board and ashore, as well as all the niceties and luxuries that are synonymous with small-ship cruising.

That might be personal service that goes above and beyond expectations, the finest designer furnishing, and wellness treatments that you’d expect at the world’s best spas.

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