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10 new ports and 110 itineraries? Welcome to Oceania Cruises’ 2022 Europe and North America Collection.

It’s late spring, and a warm breeze washes over you as you disembark Sirena in Santorini. The water is gin clear, eye-popping pink bougainvillea drapes whitewashed houses, and the aroma of char-grilled octopus wafts over to your seaside perch. Before you lie hours of adventure exploring precipitous cobbled streets and enormous windmills, dropping in to hidden boutiques to pick up souvenirs, and lingering in rooftop bars to while away a few hours with mezze and a cocktail in hand. You’ve arrived in supreme style aboard one of the award-winning small and luxurious ships plying the Mediterranean as part of Oceania Cruises’ new 2022 ‘Europe & North America Collection’ of itineraries.

Before you landed here there were heady days spent exploring ruins in Rome, wandering the colourful villages of the Amalfi coast, marvelling at history in Dubrovnik and losing yourself in the winding streets of Venice. Such is the allure of every cruise around this part of the world – a sensory collision that leaves every traveller in awe.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

New Horizons

While many of the destinations in Oceania Cruises’ 110 itineraries (76 of them brand new) around Europe and North America for 2022 are perennial favourites – like those you’ve been visiting – there are 10 new ports to explore. Among them are Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, sitting pretty on the Jutland Peninsula’s east coast; the Old Town here, Den Gamle By, is like an open-air museum.

Other novel destinations include Tromsø and Måløy in Norway, the former a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle, known for its centuries-old wooden houses. Time your visit right, and your backdrop will be the dazzling dancing colours of the Northern Lights. Måløy, meanwhile, is popular for its beautiful beaches, national parks (home to the largest glacier in Norway) and seafood – prepare to indulge in local produce back on your ship. While you’re in the country you’ll also linger at the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago characterised by its dramatic mountain peaks and seductive coastal coves, all enveloped by Viking history – this is also one of the world’s northernmost populated regions.

Other new European ports include the charming Irish village of Killybegs, Bristol in the United Kingdom, Kiel in Germany, Kotka in Finland and Porto Torres (Sardinia) in Italy.

Grand Dining Room on board an Oceania Cruise
Grand Dining Room © Jerry Wyszatycki/Avatar Productions

The Holy Land

Once you depart the continent, sail east and south across the Mediterranean to where Europe meets Asia and the Middle East. Oceania Cruises’ 2022 portfolio includes 16 voyages that take in this part of the world, as spiritual as it is scenic. Be intoxicated by the bazaars of Istanbul, where stalls selling precious gems sit beside others where you can pick up saffron, baklava and Turkish delight. Then journey into the Holy Land, where you’ll linger in one of the oldest cities in the world: Jerusalem. More history awaits in Egypt, Jordan and Oman, where you’ll take in ancient relics, vast deserts and bustling cities that hold a millennia worth of secrets.

White Out

At a time when real luxury is the privilege of being in a place few others get to go, Alaska is your ultimate destination. This part of America is nature writ large, all glaciers and snow-topped mountains, vast national parks and untouched forest. Disembark your ship to trek some of the canyons and glaciers that distinguish the region, or gain a bird’s-eye perspective on helicopter tours over some of the region’s most humbling wilderness areas. Oceania Cruises’ portfolio of shore excursions across the state caters to all types of travellers, from those seeking adventure to those looking to find a moment of peace and tranquillity.

Oceania Cruises’ 2022 ‘Europe and North America Collection’ itineraries are now open for bookings. Book early to receive the best fares on these new voyages and enjoy 50% off deposits* on every sailing until 31 December 2020.

Penthouse Suite on board Oceania Riviera
Penthouse Suite on board Oceania Riviera © VRX Studios

Northern Exposure

When it’s time to venture further into North America, make the most of Oceania Cruises’ new 2022 itineraries across Canada and the United States to Bermuda. Eat your way around New York, soak up the sun in Rhode Island, then cruise the Cape Cod Canal toward Maine – where lobster awaits. There’s more to come in east-coast Canada, where Nova Scotia not only dishes up some of the best seafood in the world, but also some of the most colourful coastal coves.

Depending on your itinerary, you’ll also have the chance to while away a few hours on the pink sand beaches that characterise Bermuda, an island in the North Atlantic that has a fascinating maritime history – and equally intriguing culture blending British and American traditions.

In Style

All Oceania Cruises’ ships cruising around Europe and North America take you to destinations in supreme style, with no expense spared in the spacious cabins, and on-board diversions that range from expert lectures to fine dining – some of the most delectable cuisine at sea, in fact, with many meals inspired by the destinations you visit. This is a taste of the world you won’t want to end.

Oceania Riviera in Malta
Oceania Riviera in Malta

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Lead image: Cruising Geirangerfjord, Norway © Mike Louagie