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The Sydney clinic promising to reduce fat without surgery

The Sydney clinic promising to reduce fat without surgery

North Shore Aesthetics staff go the extra mile to ensure their clients get the results they want.

Janeen and Anne from North Shore Aesthetics believe everyone should look and feel their best.

The Gordon clinic specialises in cosmetic innovations using superior technology at affordable prices. It looks and feels like a day spa and receives rave reviews on Google from happy clients, who praise the service and attention to detail.

Janeen and Anne personally conduct all the treatments at the clinic and they say many women come to them seeking ways to look and feel younger, without cosmetic surgery.

The most popular treatments include fat freezing and non-surgical facelifts.

Fat Freezing and TESLAFormer DUO

Fat Freezing and TeslaFormer DUO

This treatment is often used on people who find they are struggling to eliminate stubborn fat, that is resilient to diet and exercise.

This two-part treatment consists of: fat freezing and magnetic stimulation.

Cooltech Fat Freezing Treatment

This part of the treatment uses cryolipolysis technology to target stubborn fat deposits. Once frozen, the cells experience fat cell death. Your body will process the dead fat cells and eliminate them through the lymphatic system.


After the fat has been frozen, clients will go on the TESLAformer, a device that uses functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) to burn fat and build muscle.

Janeen and Anne said they have seen the treatment deliver outstanding results. But it is important to note that results may differ for individual patients.

North Shore Aesthetics is one of the few clinics offering this combination of fat treatment.

Book Fat Freezing for $1000 and get two half-hour sessions on the TESLAFormer for FREE (valued at $900)

ULTRAFormer - Non Surgical Face Lift

ULTRAFormer – Non-Surgical Face Lift

If you are between 40 and 75 and all the firming creams and serums in the world don’t seem to be doing much, it could be time to try North Shore Aesthetics’ non-surgical facelift.

The treatment tackles sagging skin three levels below the skin’s surface, or epidermis.

The UltraformerIII blasts the skin with high-frequency ultrasound to stimulate collagen formation deep beneath the skin and create instant lift and firmness.

Book your ULTRAFormer full facelift for $2000 and get a Hollywood lift/touch-up for FREE (valued at $800).

TESLAFormer – Functional Magnetic Stimulation – Building muscle and burning Fat

TESLAFormer – Functional Magnetic Stimulation

This treatment aims to build muscle and burn fat. Janeen and Anne say anyone can start contouring their body in 30 minutes with the TESLAFormer.

It might sound too good to be true, but, this 30-minute, non-invasive treatment causes muscle contractions that are equal to 50,000 contractions.

To get the best results, North Shore Aesthetics recommended clients have six to eight treatments over a two to three week period.’

Buy six sessions on the TESLAFormer for $ 2500 and get 6 FOR FREE.

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Terms and conditions apply to all health services mentioned in this article. Results may differ for individual patients. Contact North Shore Aesthetics directly for details.

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