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Mona launches new evil-billionaire’s-lair-themed catamaran

Mona launches new evil-billionaire’s-lair-themed catamaran

Mona and Mona Roma have unveiled a new ferry that features a private jungle, three bars, wallaby-fur-lined booths and a gold latrine.

Launched at Brooke Street Pier on 4 December, Mona Roma 2 (MR-II) will replace the smaller MR-0, increasing capacity and improving services for visitors to Hobart.

A direct trip between Brooke Street Pier and Mona takes around twenty-five minutes. The ferry is undercover and sails in rain, hail or shine. Read about prices, accessibility, etc. here.

Choose from two different travel options. Purchase a standard ticket to sit on sheep, frequent our onboard bars and admire our spunky staff in their spunky boiler suits.

Or, upgrade to the Posh Pit and escape the riff-raff. Enjoy complimentary drinks, canapés and inflated egos in our exclusive lounge, bar and private deck. There’s table service too; rattle your jewellery for attention.


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