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25 of the best destinations for Michelin-starred restaurants

A new study has found some of the world’s most unlikely destinations are home to impressive clusters of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Whether comfort food or fine dining tickles your fancy, there’s no denying the allure of a Michelin-starred restaurant. The promise of diverse flavours, inspired plating and a perfectly paired wine list entices all walks of life, from the casual home cook to the aspiring chef. A star is difficult to earn and is awarded only to restaurants that consistently serve exemplary cuisine, yet it appears that some cities and unlikely rural locales have found themselves with a surplus of such places.

Mandoe Media recently conducted a general analysis of Michelin-star restaurants, examining the locations of the eateries and how many stars each restaurant had been awarded. The digital signage business then totalled the stars earned by each restaurant to create a stars-per-location guide. The study revealed that, while cities were the usual hosts of star-bearing restaurants, some sparsely populated areas boasted an awarded selection rivalling their cosmopolitan counterparts.

a chef plating up food
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The project identified a town in Italy, Paestum, where the culinary collective provided one Michelin star per 26 residents, establishing the highest concentration of stars per head of population. In some cases, rural localities had more starred venues than the cities surrounding them, and many of these Michelin star clusters were in relatively isolated mountainous or coastal areas. For example, Courchevel, France is an area of low population with the most Michelin stars in the world, while Bray, England is home to 22% of all the three-star restaurants in the United Kingdom.

These are the top 25 locations in the world for clusters of Michelin Star restaurants.

Top 25 Michelin-starred restaurants in the world
Michelin star destinations © Mandoe Media

The study also found a significant phenomenon whereby once a rural location gained one restaurant with multiple Michelin stars, other restaurants nearby would pop up – or level up – to earn their own stars. These are the unexpected regional localities with a high concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in sparsely populated areas.

List of rural areas with Michelin-starred restaurants
Unexpected locations © Mandoe Media

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