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A car fit for royalty: the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman unveiled

A car fit for royalty: the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman unveiled

Elegance and technology combine to produce the most impressive limousine yet.

For 50 years, heads of state, royal families, oligarchs and dignitaries have favoured one extraordinary saloon over all: the Mercedes-Benz 600.

But times do change, and luxury is forever being reinvented. Making its debut at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show is the new Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, a 6.5-metre-long limousine for the 21st century.

Designed specifically to be chauffeur-driven, the Pullman recreates an exclusive leather-upholstered club lounge on wheels. It is imposing, practical, outrageously luxurious and entirely befitting of the most esteemed passenger.


As the Pullman name suggests, four passengers (separated from the driver by a partition) are seated face to face, with the two VIP executive seats boasting the greatest legroom and ease for getting in to and out of the car. Additional guests are seated on fold-down seats quilted in the same supple leather. Adjustable backrests, reclining seats and extra cushions for the head restraints make the ride in a Mercedes-Maybach Pullman the most comfortable available.

With an 18.5-inch monitor in front of the partition, the Pullman is as technologically advanced as it is comfortable. A choice of two sound Burmester sound systems offers an incomparable audio experience, and the list of the potential customisable extras is unmatched in luxury automotives.

Powered by a V12 biturbo engine with an output of 390kW, the Pullman is hardly lacking in power either. As a passenger, though, your only concern is to sink into those all-leather seats and enjoy the ride.

Prices for the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman start from €500,000, with delivery for European customers beginning in 2016.