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Masterpieces from the Western Desert

Masterpieces from the Western Desert

22 February to 10 March 2018

Masterpieces from the Western Desert is an exhibition of contemporary Indigenous paintings held at Nanda\Hobbs in Sydney.

Although vastly different in aesthetic imagery and iconography, the works speak of the vast interior of Australia, the country, its people and the mythology that pervades every sandhill and waterhole throughout.

Powerful, delicate and immensely important to our contemporary culture, these remarkable works were created to keep the artists’ ancient stories alive. The great truism of history is that to understand the present one must first understand the past, and for these artists, the past has a lineage that goes back over 40,000 years. For us, the viewer as a willing participant, we have access to an understanding of the ancient ways, as much as the artists allow under their law. The result for our contemporary world can only be beneficial.

At the heart of this exhibition is the overwhelming Genius – Loci – (Spirit of Place) – it pervades every inch of every canvas and ultimately has captured the imaginations (head and heart) of collectors and institutions the world over.