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Madame Truffles expands her empire to Sydney

Madame Truffles expands her empire to Sydney

Melbourne’s grand dame of the truffle has announced the opening of the first seasonal Madame Truffles shop in Sydney, due to welcome foodies and the curious public alike to this temple to the world’s most coveted fungus.

Ah, the truffle. In any other world, the lengths humans go to to seek out these wonderfully wrinkled balls of earthen flavour – training pigs and dogs as hunters and then transporting them across the world – would seem excessive. But in any other world, they haven’t tasted the truffle.


In the five years Madame Truffles has been tantalising Melbourne epicureans with her wrinkled delights, the winter-only boutique has sold the widest range of fresh Australian truffles from Western Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria in the most imaginative formats possible. With an enormous selection available for just 10 weeks, Madame Truffles is a gourmet journey, not a shop.

After wishing their city had a seasonal Madame Truffles, too, Sydneysiders’ dreams are about to come true. The first Sydney Madam Truffles will be opening for a limited season on Friday 26 June. The shop, set to be the biggest and best yet, will be located at 259 Riley Street in Surry Hills, welcoming the best Australian truffles each week direct from the truffiere.


Among the pure truffle products on sale (both in store and online) include:

  • Madame Truffles Black Truffle Ice Cream
  • Madame Truffles Black Truffle Salt
  • Madame Truffles Black Truffle Honey
  • Madame Truffles Truffle Pasta with prawn and truffle ravioli and potato and truffle ravioli available in Sydney (duck and truffle ravioli and mushroom and truffle ravioli in Melbourne)
  • Madame Truffles Salt & Shake Truffle Pop Corn and Melt & Pour Truffle Pop Corn
  • Madame Truffles Black Truffle Macarons, Monte Carlos and other sweet treats
  • Pepe Saya’s delicious truffle butter, only available in store


To celebrate the opening, Madame Truffles will be holding the Inaugural Sydney Truffle Dinner in July, sitting down with Peter and Kate Marshall, truffle growers from Braidwood NSW. The Sydney events are a perfect complement to those held in Melbourne, including the Truffle Bistro with chef Andy Gale, the Melbourne Truffle Festival and a range of cafes offering the Madame Truffles Toastie.

Madame Truffles is the creation of Bernadette Jenner and Simon McCrudden with a strong following in Melbourne, making the truffle both more accessible and more adaptable.