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Luxury escapes on the Marrakech Express

Luxury escapes on the Marrakech Express

There’s only one choice of travel partner for a journey to Morocco, and that is Gypsian Boutique Tours. Founded by passionate travellers, for passionate travellers each escape redefines luxury: it’s not just about where you stay, but how you get there.

Whatever your interest, Gypsian crafts personalised itineraries that make it wholly your trip. Have a flair for interior design? You can be shown where the chicest boutique hotels get their most prized pieces (shh, it’s not on the tourist trail). Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? You can discover the most fascinating local chefs using the freshest local produce. Maybe you’re craving culture but have a taste for the great outdoors too? Contact Gypsian Boutique Tours now to book your Moroccan luxury escape and satisfy whatever your taste in travel.

Call Gypsian Tours on 1300 831 985 to book your Moroccan adventure or visit the website here for more inspiration.

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