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A luxury igloo will soon open at the North Pole – and guests can stay the night for $150,000

A luxury igloo will soon open at the North Pole – and guests can stay the night for $150,000

The pop-up glamping experience will open next April, for one month only.

Thanks to the Scandinavian travel company Luxury Action, people looking for the ultimate brag can check off another out-of-this-world bucket list experience: sleeping in an igloo in the North Pole.

With the new North Pole Igloos Hotel, adventurers will be able to stay the night in the northernmost place on Earth for €95,000 (approximately $150,000). The cost includes one night in the North Pole, as well as two nights in Svalbard, a town between Norway and the North Pole, plus transportation, meals and guides.

The North Pole Igloos Hotel will be open during the month of April – for one month only – since the North Pole is only safely accessible by helicopter in April and by ship during June and July. Around 1,000 people visit the area each year, their journey a far cry from the two-hour helicopter ride and cosy accommodation guests of Luxury Action will enjoy.

The pop-up glamping property will be comprised of 10 heated glass-encased igloos with ensuite bathrooms and, therefore, indoor plumbing. A camp manager, arctic wilderness guide and chef services will all be available on site. In addition, guests are almost guaranteed to see the Northern Lights, as the aurora borealis is still highly active in April.


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