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Luxurious and affordable holiday in Greece

When travelling in Greece, the Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre wants you to soak up every single moment and immerse yourself in each experience. That is why it has prepared recommended itineraries, which take care of the tricky Greek ferry system for you, and assures that your trip goes smoothly so you can indulge and engage with the local culture and admire the stunning scenery.

Want to gain entry to the Acropolis without queuing for hours? Looking a wine bar that only serves Greek labels? Keen to try traditional cuisine at a locals’ favourite hidden gem? Your personal concierge service gives you the insider access you need to make your stay in Greece unforgettable.

The Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre‘s customised packages to the mainland and islands include accommodation, transportation and transfers. Guests can select the duration, the island visited the quality of accommodation and form of transportation. The centre can not only recommend hotel, but it is able to compare room categories and facilities. Guests can chose from the selection of regular as well as  private sightseeing tours, a walking option or yacht charter.

The Greece 2018 early bird brochure can be viewed or downloaded here.

All itineraries experience heavy demand and now is the best time to make arrangements for the 2018 Greece season.

For more information or to make your reservation, please contact the Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre reservations team on or  call 1300 661 666  or visit the website here.

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