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Sleep in a restored castle tower on this tailored Japan tour

Otherworldly landscapes and cosmopolitan cities provide the backdrop to this tailored tour bursting with activities and unique stays to experience Japan like never before.  

This Japan itinerary bursts with epic experiences and exclusive stays. Witness sumo wrestlers in action and partake in a samurai sword lesson from an expert. Awake your senses with a trip to Tsukiji Fish Market, where you’ll be guided through the stalls by a master chef followed by a cooking class in his private kitchen. Soak up the artistry of Japan’s exquisite gastronomy at some of the finest restaurants as well as gain an insight into Kaiseiki cuisine.

Matsuyama Castle in Japan
Matsuyama Castle

Discover Tokyo

The juxtaposition of age-old and cutting-edge is at its most apparent in Toyko. Discover a hyper-modern metropolis of unparalleled gastronomic delights, unending shopping opportunities and labyrinthine-covered alleyways lit by paper lanterns. Be led by a local architect on a tour of Tokyo’s sci-fi landscape. Plus, meet artisan textile makers and watch the creation of kimonos firsthand. Foodies will love discovering the secrets of rare sakes.

Neon Tokyo street view
Tokyo street view

Beyond city limits

Leaving behind the neon lights of the capital, discover Japan’s wealth of serene rurality. Iconic, snow-capped and perfectly conical, Mount Fuji steals the plaudits, governing over peaceful lakes and forests that are pierced by the passing of bullet trains. 

Subtropical Okinawa boasts sun-baked white sands and swaying palms, while north Hokkaido’s multicoloured landscapes and placid lakes are home to sea eagles and Japanese cranes. Depending on the season you travel, witness the famous cherry blossoms of Maruyama-Koen or ski from world-class resorts in the Japanese Alps. After a delicious day of exploration, soak in a private onsen bath at a leading ryokan. 

Okinawa Islands in Japan
Okinawa Islands

Exclusive accommodation in Japan

Stay in a restored castle in Ehime City

Immerse yourself in the charms of an ancient castle town and stay in the first ever fully restored castle tower, one of the most exclusive ways to spend a night in Japan.  Admire the carefully restored architecture and the atmosphere of grandeur that surrounded Japanese daimyos during the Edo period.  For private hire with up to six guests, enjoy exclusive use of the tea house villa overhanging the Hiji River and admire the sights and tastes of yesteryears whilst being surround by lush, harmonious nature.

A monastery stay in Mii-dera

Enjoy total privacy and pure serenity on the site of the miraculous spring in which first bathed the infants who would reign as Japan’s 38th, 40th and 41st emperors in the latter half of the 7th century. Privatise this ancient temple on the southwest bank of Lake Biwa with luxurious accommodation for up to four guests. Suitable all year round, enjoy the changing scenery of the four seasons with everything from cherry blossoms to autumn leaves, and even a night-time illumination.

The ultimate Tokyo Townhouse

This Tokyo Townhouse offers everything – designer objects, cutting edge amenities and services that can be considered as unique even to the vibrant metropolis, a real jewel in the heart of the Japanese capital.

Tokyo Architecture
Tokyo Architecture

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