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Let your dream set sail in Halong Bay with Bhaya Classic Premium and Legend Halong

Let your dream set sail in Halong Bay with Bhaya Classic Premium and Legend Halong

Bhaya Classic Premium & Legend Halong, the two exclusively boutique cruise lines managed by Bhaya Group, offer authentic cruise experiences which combine the bay’s magnificent scenery with a taste of Vietnam‘s rich traditional culture, while ensuring all the amenities and services discerning travelers’ expect.

At a glance

Bhaya Classic Premium is the leading cruise ship line in Halong Bay, which set its’ first voyage in 2007, and from then was destined to be a trend-setter for the industry. The Bhaya Classic Premium ship has between four to seven cabins, which are constructed in a classic, oriental style, while incorporating modern facilities catering to every aspect of passenger comfort.

Standing apart from others, Legend Halong is a special wooden boutique cruise that provides exclusive charter services by offering passengers the chance to create their own perfect vacation with customized cruise itinerary. Each Legend Halong ship contains between one to three large cabins, which offer a truly ultimate cruise experience, passing through secluded and untrammeled areas in Halong Bay.


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Deliver values beyond expectations

Bhaya Classic Premium & Legend Halong are proud of the values delivered to the passengers with high standard service delivered by experienced, professional staff, dining options offering traditional Vietnamese culinary experiences, subtly designed cruise routes and exceptionally pleasing accommodation.

Safety commitment with superior service

There’s no word complimenting louder than delivering excellent services. That’s why all the time Bhaya Classic Premium & Legend Halong have been maintaining the high standards of service that are delivered to passengers. With innovative cruise design and a program of annual renovations, Bhaya Classic Premium & Legend Halong ships meeting very high safety criteria and strongly guarantee with passenger experiences.

Grab your great time to enrich with Vietnamese culture

To fulfill customer experiences, all itineraries are made combining selectively and subtly from both the serenity of Halong Bay‘s natural vistas and the rich traditional heritage of Vietnam to create an authentic journey for every passenger. Bhaya Classic Premium & Legend Ha Long brings guests opportunities to discover Vietnamese culture while on board in a very exclusive and memorable way through various activities.

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