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How to master the art of layering jewellery

Create a look that is uniquely ‘you’ by layering and stacking your favourite jewellery.

In the fashion world, there is a season for every look, and the same can be said for jewellery. Whether it’s a chunky watch, a pair of drop earrings or a cuff bracelet, we all look to trends for what is and isn’t fashionable. Right now, layering jewellery is having a moment. While not a new practice, the trend is underpinned by concepts of self-expression, style and personality, and lends itself to creative interpretations. Layering jewellery allows individuals to combine different colours, designs and metals to create a look that is unique, and J. Farren-Price’s exquisite collection is the place to start experimenting.

fine gold and diamond jewellery
Right: Roberto Coin jewellery © J. Farren-Price

The philosophy behind stacking jewellery

Prevalent in African, Indian and Asian cultures for centuries, the stacking and layering of jewellery wasn’t prevalent in the West until the Roaring Twenties fashion movement rolled through in the early 20th century. The trend, characterised by headbands, flapper dresses and layers of long necklaces, was symbolic of a time of great opulence. Layering jewellery was then popularised again in the 1970s only to fade away in the wake of the minimalist aesthetic of the 1990s. Today, layering jewellery is once again en vogue, albeit in a more refined and curated way.

Stacking multiple pieces of jewellery or layering necklaces and bracelets is a storytelling device. Rather than simply a piece of metal adorning a finger, ear, wrist or neck, it constructs a style narrative unique to the wearer. Transcending seasonal styles, stacked jewellery also refutes the notion that jewellery should only be worn on special occasions. Instead, layering the right pieces can elevate a casual outfit or add a touch of sparkle to formal attire.

With so few rules governing the ‘correct’ way in which jewellery should be layered or stacked, the trend has a timeless appeal that transcends seasons and generations. With room to experiment, self-expression can come to the fore, and that’s something that never goes out of style.

woman wearing jewellery
Right: Pichiotti ‘Xpandable’ rings © J. Farren-Price

How to layer jewellery like an expert

When it comes to layering jewellery, you can have fun with everything from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings. However, keep in mind there should always be one statement piece.

With necklaces, a statement piece should anchor the overall look. Experiment with the length of a necklace to set it front and centre, then drape additional pieces above and below to create a frame. You could also employ a showstopper like the Roberto Coin ‘Love in Verona’ necklace and build around the pop of colour.

The ears are one of the more common places upon which jewellery is laden, and asymmetry comes to the fore here. Place different earrings on both ears or use different lengths, such as pairing the Argyle Ellipse Earrings with some delicate studs lining the outer lobe.

Talking with your hands takes on a new meaning when each finger is adorned with a curated stack of rings. Experiment with one ring on each finger or alternate fingers and have a couple of rings on each digit. Add an extra dimension to a ring stack by mixing thinner and thicker bands. For chunky rings, look no further than the ‘Xpandable’ range from Picchiotti.

Last but certainly not least is the elegant wrist. Bracelets are one of the more exciting pieces with which to layer due to the sheer room you have to work with. Mix your metals to create a moveable piece of artwork that ties in effortlessly with more understated pieces elsewhere. Roberto Demeglio has a stunning range of stretch bracelets that can help you nail your layering.

diamond bracelets
Demeglio ‘Extensible; 18ct rose gold 7.30ct diamond bracelet, and white gold diamond stretch bracelet © J. Farren-Price

The dos and don’ts of stacking jewellery

While there are no steadfast rules when it comes to layering jewellery, there are best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid altogether. This way, you can embody a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look without resembling a jewellery rack.


  • Always choose a piece that anchors the look by being a statement piece or an accessory that embodies the overall theme.
  • Look to create stacks by opting for jewellery pieces in different lengths and widths.
  • Choose pieces that bring something new to the stack to avoid repetition.


  • When embracing this trend, only stack and layer one accessory; otherwise, the overall look might seem unbalanced.
  • If stacking rings opt for neutral nail polish, as brightly coloured nails may clash with coloured embellishments or different metals.
  • Don’t try and stack multiple chunky bracelets; for a more natural look, opt for one chunky piece with slimmer pieces layered around it.
stacked gold and diamond bracelets
Demeglio ‘Extensible; 18ct rose gold 7.30ct diamond bracelet, and white gold diamond stretch bracelet. Fope ‘Eka’ 18ct white, yellow and rose gold diamond bracelets in ‘Flex’it’, ‘Flex’it Eka Tiny’. © J. Farren-Price

Shop the trend at J. Farren-Price

Layering and stacking jewellery adds another dimension to both casual and formal outfits. From showing off a little extra sparkle and shine to adding a touch of flair to a white tee and jeans, this accessory trend is the ultimate in personalised style. Adding depth, dimension and an element of individuality to each look, layered jewellery is all about expressing your personality quirks and sense of style. Mastering this trend is not about having the most pieces. Rather, it’s about carefully selecting and curating a range of different pieces that work to complement each other. With an extensive range of jewellery from world-renowned brands, you can shop this increasingly popular trend by visiting J. Farren-Price today.

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