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The Langham Sydney private art collection

Featuring Australia’s most celebrated artists, Sidney Nolan, Brett Whiteley, Albert Tucker and Andrew Browne

The Langham Sydney is home to one of the most sophisticated collections of modern and contemporary art of any hotel in Australia.

Curated in collaboration with Sotheby’s, the collection features some of the country’s most iconic artists including Sir Sidney Nolan, Brett Whiteley, Albert Tucker and Andrew Browne, with over $1 million worth of art on view within the hotel.

The Langham Sydney art collection brings to life the public areas of the hotel from the reimagined Australian landscape works of Albert Tucker, striking figurative portraits from Sir Sidney Nolan and lyrical paintings of the Sydney Harbour by Brett Whiteley.

Other significant artists to feature in The Langham Sydney’s collection include Asher Bilu, Sally Ross, Peter Cooley, David Larwill and Judith Van Hereen.

A brief synopsis of works on display at The Langham Sydney, as curated by Sotheby’s Australia include:

  • Sidney Nolan is considered one of Australia’s most celebrated painters of the 20th century. It is a reputation forged from the many successful series of paintings that Nolan produced in his lifetime including Ned Kelly, Eureka Stockade, Central Australia, Burke and Wills, Drought, Mrs Fraser, Gallipoli, Leda and the Swan, and Antartica. There are three out of the six Nolan paintings in The Langham, Sydney collection that are painted from the many fascinating journeys that Nolan made: Antartica 1964, The River Kwei 1979 and Central Australia 1988
  • Albert Tucker, an Australian artist whose paintings for many helped to define what it was to be Australian. Like his close contemporary, Sidney Nolan, Tucker’s vision of the Australian landscape evolved between 1947 and 1960 while he was living abroad in Europe and the United States of America
  • Brett Whiteley remains one of the most influential Australian artists of the late twentieth century. Whiteley emerged in the 1960s and continued his artistic ascent until his premature death in 1992. There were significant period abroad that had influence upon the artist but also confirmed his early greatness
  • Andrew Browne’s practice as a painter centers upon the discipline of photography. Like many of his peers, Browne works to achieve an art that is realistic yet romantic
  • David Larwill emerged in the early 1980s as a founding member of Roar Studios, an artists’ collective in Fitzroy. ‘Roar’ was a group of freewheeling, neo expressionist painters, in thrall to New York and Europe, and to a spontaneous form of painting
  • Judith Van Heeren’s subjects explore the relationship between man and the natural world. Van Heeren’s paintings are a meticulous account of nature rendered with great precision and a warm searching palette
  • Asher Bilu: complex and challenging, Bilu has always dealt in abstraction but with a particular emphasis on experimentation. Bilu’s techniques are varied and embrace digital media and the study of light and of science
  • Sally Ross is of a generation of painters who rely upon found imagery to inform their paintings. Ross uses the secondary media of photographs and books to inspire her compositions
  • Peter Cooley: an artist capable of working with paint and canvas as he is making ceramic forms. Cooley is an intuitive artist with a distinctive vision and a keen grasp of art history. His immediate surroundings, the flora and fauna of Leura in the Blue Mountains where he currently lives inform Cooley’s work in painting and more recently ceramics.

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