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Ketel One Botanical marks launch at Sydney and Melbourne venues

The latest product from Ketel One Vodka is all about summer flavours.

Ketel One Vodka have debuted their Ketel One Botanical just in time for the warmer months, celebrating the launch of the new beverages at popular venues in both Sydney and Melbourne. The famed Icebergs Terrace in Bondi and Melbourne favourite, the Arbory Afloat, have both been transformed into lush paradises with a Ketal One Botanical menu, the perfect setting to sip on a summery spritz.

The vodka-based drink has been distilled with natural fruit essences and botanicals, offering a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) of 30 per cent and containing just 50 calories per serve. The all-natural flavour profiles are both unexpected and well-balanced, with three variations on offer: Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint, Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose and Ketel One Botanical Peach and Orange Blossom.

The Icebergs Terrace x Ketel One Botanical have capitalised on their stunning location overlooking Bondi Beach, working with leading landscape architects and horticulturalists to create an oasis that is unmatched in Sydney. Framed by native Australian flora, the new terrace offers the three varietals of Ketel One Botanicals as part of a cocktail menu, combining the fresh flavours of the new spirit with sodas that have been painstakingly created and matched to craft unique blends. Visit from now until March between the hours of 12.30 and 8pm, or on Saturdays and Sundays between 12.30 and 6pm from April 2020 until the end of the autumnal season.

Guests of the Arbory Afloat can taste the contemporary tinctures while drinking in Yarra River surroundings, enjoying the blissful escape Ketel One Botanical have carefully constructed on the venue’s upper deck. Electing to let the botanicals speak for themselves, the Arbory Afloat will be serving them as spritzes, topped with a simple soda and a fresh garnish. Open daily from 11am to 1am, the new menu will be available until 23 February 2020.

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Ketel One Botanical
Ketel One Botanical launch at Arbory Afloat

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