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Jewels of the Kimberley jewellery

The natural bounty of Western Australia’s vast wilderness is a source of inspiration for the Broome based designers of Jewels of the Kimberley.

With rust-red canyons, turquoise seas, and waterfalls that seem to defy physics, the Kimberley region is a vast and remote wilderness. It is a land that has created the world’s most desired gems, including coloured diamonds, over millions of years. Jewels of the Kimberley showcases award-winning diamond jewellery handcrafted in its Broome studio.

Founder and designer Jodi Penfold and her team boast a wall of accolades and awards in all aspects of diamond jewellery design and manufacturing. Whether they’re creating a classic piece for everyday wear or a custom engagement ring, they are inspired by the colours and landscape of the region and its gems. “To me it’s so important that each design is visually interesting from every angle. Each piece tells the story of a lifetime and should always stand out from the crowd,” says Jodi Penfold. Her distinctive designs celebrate the beauty of the Kimberley and its rare natural bounty, famously represented by the Argyle Pink Diamond.

The Kimberley’s Argyle Diamond mine has emerged as the world’s largest source of high quality pink diamonds. The hue of an Argyle Pink Diamond is so vibrant that, regardless of size, they are considered excellent investments. Owners of these stones see returns of 15 per cent per year, making pink diamond jewellery among the most in-demand pieces in the world. With professional knowledge and a dazzling supply of coloured diamonds, including an extensive selection of Argyle Pink Diamonds, Jewels of the Kimberley can create an exceptional piece for you or a loved one that will stand the test of time.

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