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Reduce flying anxiety and jet lag with this natural product

Handmade with powerful natural ingredients, these pocket-sized products are designed to enhance in-flight wellbeing and post-flight recovery.

Ensure your next journey is jet lag and anxiety-free with a little help from Jet Candy, a homeopathic product developed exclusively by Helios, one of the UK’s most renowned homeopathic pharmacies and manufacturers. Available in both essence and pill form, Jet Candy’s two products are handmade from 100% natural ingredients.

Botanical Travel Essence
Botanical Travel Essence. © Jet Candy. Photography by Mark C. O'Flaherty

Jet Candy Plane Remedy

Plane Remedy comes in a four-gram travel-size bottle with a single-pill dispenser cap that holds up to 100 homeopathic pills – enough to see any traveller through 10 intercontinental flights. Containing ingredients such as sucrose and arnica for general fatigue, bellis perennis to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and to reduce physical soreness from sitting. Cocculus helps with general flying ailments such as vertigo and travel sickness, while gelsemium can reduce anxiety associated with flying, trembling and insomnia, and petroleum reduces nausea from engine fumes.

Jet Candy wellbeing products
© Jet Candy. Photography by Mark C. O'Flaherty

Jet Candy Botanical Travel Essence

While the Botanical Travel Essence has all the same benefits as Plane Remedy, it’s designed to provide relief from ailments caused by all modes of travel, including air, water, road and train travel. Available in a 10ml bottle and dispensed into the mouth by a dropper, the essence is made from the extracts of five flowers: daisy, ginger, yellow jasmine, leopard’s bane and tobacco. The essence product can also reduce the intensity of ailments such as dehydration, disorientation and mental fatigue.

While Jet Candy is a great product for adult travellers to try, it isn’t suitable for young children and toddlers.

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