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Discerning travellers have a love affair with Japan that shows no signs of waning, says leading luxury tour operator JANESCO Travel.

JANESCO has become synonymous with exceptional Japanese trips with more than 35 years in the travel industry. Its extensive knowledge and deep understanding of Japan bridge the gap between the Australian and Japanese cultures. And it’s this ‘omotenashi’ – the country’s ability to anticipate customer’s needs and meet them – that has seen its popularity continue to grow. Says founder Satoko Franks, “Japan has simply risen to the challenge of the larger numbers of travellers with grace and friendliness.”

You only need to visit this humbling country once in your lifetime to experience its welcoming, hospitable culture. And it’s that authenticity, not just in its culture but also in the experiences it offers, which is why it remains such a popular destination. “There has been an increasing interest in Japanese culture, history and art over the last 20 years. There has also been growing interest in authentic experiences, sleeping Japanese-style in country inns and bathing in public onsens,” says Franks. “This has continued to captivate the Australian traveller.”

Autumn in Japan with Janesco Travel

The growth of small group Japan tours

Frustrated with the quality of tours to Japan, Franks started JANESCO Travel in 2006 to give Australians a true insight into her culture, history and food. And having lived in Australia for many years, she knew what the discerning traveller was looking for.

Taking groups of around 15 people so she can ensure a personalised experience, JANESCO immerses travellers into every aspect of Japanese life. From kaiseki (banquet) dining, introduction to Geisha, landscape parks and gardens, Zen temples and their stone gardens, the Golden Pavilion and temple districts in Kyoto. And visits to isolated villages along the historic Nakasendo post trail. And most of JANESCO’s travellers are repeat customers.

“Japan has continued to be a safe, clean and interesting destination which is particularly attractive to luxury travellers, and a tour provides an easy way to travel around the country.

“While there is an increasing number of English signs, most are in Japanese, and it can be difficult to get around unassisted. A tour escort can help you navigate the countryside and the inscrutable Japanese culture.”

Cherry blossoms in Japan © Janesco Travel

Three decades of tour expertise

Franks says the most significant changes she’s seen in the two decades have been accommodation. “There has been a large increase in international hotels. These hotels operate differently from the Japanese hotels.”

But she says regardless if you want to stay in a traditional ryokan or a five-star hotel, the experience will remain the same when you have long-standing relationships in creating Japan tours. “Relationships and connections are everything in Japan, and we draw on ours for insights and ideas for enhanced tour offerings.”

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Culinary tours in Japan are to be savoured © Janesco Travel


If you are seeking exclusive and unforgettable experiences in Japan, JANESCO is Australia’s premier tour agency, consistently delivering exceptional and tailored travel experiences.

They pride themselves on perfect execution, beginning with tour design, where they use their extensive experience to create engaging and enjoyable tours with seamless operations. Their Japan tours are relaxed, indulgent, flexible, and personable without compromising quality or service.

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