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Introducing Amanyangyun: opening in the northern autumn 2017

Scheduled to open in the northern autumn 2017 and set in a forest of tranquillity just beyond the bright lights and cosmopolitan bustle of Shanghai, Aman’s newest retreat is a celebration of nature, an astonishing feat of human endeavour and a sanctuary to stir the soul.

Located just outside downtown Shanghai, Amanyangyun is a unique forest village of modern and historic Ming and Qing Dynasty dwellings, tranquil gardens and an enriching Aman Spa. The resort is the result of a monumental decade-long conversation initiative, offering fascinating insights into the life and culture of both contemporary and ancient China.

Ten thousand camphor trees and 50 Ming and Qing dynasty homes have been transported to Shanghai. This epochal challenge used the 50 disassembled dynasty homes to create 26 ancient dwellings which were reassembled within the replanted and now flourishing camphor forest. Featuring ornate carvings and reliefs detailing family histories that date back two millennia, these 26 sensitively restored antique dwellings form the peaceful heart of Amanyangun, at the centre of which stands Nan Shufang, the most spectacular antique dwelling in the collection. Named after the royal reading pavilion in the Forbidden City, Nan Shufand is located in a serene garden and curated as a space for contemplation, learning and discussion where guests can enjoy a number of cultural activities such as ancient calligraphy and a Chinese tea ceremony.


Thirteen of the antique dwellings, now four-bedroom Antique Villas with pools, together with 24 contemporary one-bedroom Club Suites, make up the resort’s room inventory and are seamlessly interspersed throughout Amanyangyun’s expansive grounds, comprising some of the rescued trees and ornamental lakes. Each embraces a restful, earthy palette, with interiors finished in wood, stone and bamboo.

The remaining 12 historic homes rescued and restored from Jiangxi, together with a number of new residences, have been converted into refined Aman Residences to own. The result is a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, and a living monument to the natural and human history of Jiangxi.

When the first guests arrive at Amanyangyun later this year, they will discover an Aman with timeless appeal in an arboreal landscape of lakes and tress – a peaceful sanctuary that is now a living reminder of Jiangxi’s past. The resort is also home to six dining venues including an all-day dining pavilion, Chinese Restaurant with seven private dining rooms, Club Lounge, informal Lakeside Cafe, Aman Deli Village Shop and a 200-seat banquet hall. The resort’s comprehensive Aman Spa, with its idyllic setting, is devoted to holistic health, fitness and wellbeing. In addition to its specious treatment rooms, the spa encompasses extensive thermal facilities, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, two swimming pools and a large yoga and Pilates studio overlooking a reflection pond.

Like its fellow resorts in China – Aman Summer Palace in Beijing, Amanfayun in Hangzhou and Amandayan in Lijiang – Amanyangyun acts as a gateway to the culture, history, natural wonder and diverse appeal of its location. It invites guests to experience the electric urban energy, multinational dining and cultural richness of modern-day Shanghai, the seclusion and tranquillity of the ancient camphor forest, and the signature service and warm welcome that has characterised Aman for almost three decades.

The name of Aman’s new forest sanctuary traces its roots back nearly 300 years. On a plaque inside the Forbidden City, the fourth emperor of the Qing dynasty left the words ‘Yang Yun’. This short phrase has a simple translation – ‘the nurturing of clouds’ – but a wide-ranging meaning, referring to the nourishing of the human heart, the cherishing of nature, and reverence for the rhythms of the universe. Amanyangyun is built upon these concepts. It is a place that inspires and nurtures all who pass through it; it is a celebration of natural harmony.

Amanyangyun safeguards priceless natural and cultural treasures, giving a new life to these dynasty houses and ancient forest, a feat that stands to make the resort one of the rarest of its kind.


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