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Elevate your space: Three essential interior design details you need to know

Floors are essential to your home’s overall look, feel, and aesthetic regardless of your personal style in interior design. Rejuvenating a tired space is an easy way to completely refresh your abode. But how?

Via a little strategic placement and interior design know-how, you can instantly upgrade the look of your floors, offering one of the best options for an apartment or a more extensive family home. According to Shaye Ford, Miss Amara Interior Stylist, there are three key reasons the simplicity of a rug can elevate an entire room.


Rugs are an easy tactic to bring balance and tone to your interior design colour scheme. From bold hues that bring to life and contrast your space to a simple, neutral design that ties the room together, what you put on your floor can also be used as a starting point for a theme in your home. For those who love patterns yet are unsure how to start incorporating them into your space, there is no better way to introduce them than a rug.


The texture is the one thing that ultimately draws us in with ambiance, three-dimensional quality, and visual depth in interior design. A room without texture is a room without soul. Nobody likes a sterile, cold, and unwelcoming interior. This is where a floor piece comes in. A plush rug has the power to introduce a whole new world of texture and aesthetic quality to a space. Choose among woven varieties, fibers, or high-pile rugs to achieve the textural appeal you’re seeking.


If your room doesn’t feel right – almost as if something in your interior design is amiss – take a hard look at your floors. A rug can add a sense of richness and depth to a design to make a room feel more ‘put-together’ and in balance. As a visual anchor in a space, depth often comes with the layering of textiles. And a rug is one of the easiest and more inexpensive ways to achieve a refined look.

Want more inspiration?

With collections built on versatility, Miss Amara rugs are designed by an in-house team showcasing concepts and patterns. Inspired by far-flung destinations worldwide and timeless design styles from Scandinavian, Tribal, Contemporary, Traditional, and Mid-Century.

Picture credit ©  Miss Amara

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