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Iceland’s five-star ice expeditions

Adventurers, are you ready? Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and into the snow, enjoying five-star luxury tenting on top of 4500 feet of ice.

Have we caught your attention yet? Nordic Luxury have created an amazing Langjokull expedition camp that lets you experience a five-star tent on top of Iceland’s largest icecap, which also happens to be the biggest in Europe.  You’ll encounter sights and thrills you never knew possible, all topped of with lavish trimmings such as a traditional Scandinavian sauna with burning wood to warm you up in the evenings. 

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All of the premium-design luxury dome tents come kitted out with hardwood floors and heating. They also feature warm lighting and Icelandic special-made beds and blankets for optimum comfort and cosiness. Sauna, showers and bathroom facilities are located in a special separate tent, with yet another dome tent specifically for dining on the delights of the Master Chef who is at the disposal of mountaineering guests all morning and for evening meals.

As there are only so many words that can describe this stunning experience – and because seeing is truly believing – we shall let the captivated images from Karl Olafsson speak for themselves.

ice 4