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The ultimate adventure awaits on a Hurtigruten Expeditions cruise

Adventure… in more ways than one. With Hurtigruten Expeditions, your next cruise will not only jettison you to the world’s most remote and ravishing corners. But also take you there in serious, sustainable style. Here’s all you need to know about the exclusive Adventure Awaits sale.

Whether you follow the Gregorian calendar (with New Year’s Day falling on 1 January) or the Lunar New Year (this year falling on 1 February) – or you set your own time card – there’s no denying there are high hopes for travel in 2022 and beyond. A Hurtigruten Expeditions cruise is just the place to start.

New and amazing horizons await, matched by adventures aplenty. Many of which you can only enjoy by cruise ship with Hurtigruten Expeditions.

One-off adventures

How do you fancy kayaking among icebergs on the lookout for whales off the Alaskan coast? Or following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin spotting blue-footed boobies and land iguanas in the Galapagos? Or looking for polar bears on land and the aurora borealis overhead while navigating the Svalbard archipelago’s coastline in far-flung Norway?

These are just some of the epic moments on itineraries available through Hurtigruten Expeditions’ Adventure Awaits sale.

This is your chance to not only get back out on the high seas, but travel there in sustainable style – discounted style, mind you, with between $1,400 and $4,400 off per cabin* on your next cruise.

As an added New Year gift, you will also enjoy up to $450 per cabin in on-board credits during your expedition, for you to spend in the spa, perhaps, or enjoying a sunset cocktail in the bar.

Enjoy not only these great offers but also peace of mind with Hurtigruten Expedition’s Book with Confidence policy, offering free rebooking across all 2022 expeditions.

Enjoy not only these great offers but also peace of mind with Hurtigruten’s Book with Confidence policy, offering free rebooking across all 2022 expeditions.

Alaska & British Columbia: Up to $3,000 off

North America turns up the natural drama when you’re exploring Alaska in the US and British Columbia in Canada. This is a part of the world where the wilderness seems wilder, the colours brighter, the characters larger than life.

Jump in a Hurtigruten Expeditions zodiac to zip ashore and discover wildlife and frozen landscapes that you normally see on postcards – from snow-tipped mountains to icebergs and gem-like glaciers.

Keep your eyes peeled for eagles and bears while exploring the varied landscapes, whether in a kayak or on a hike.

Katmai National Park, Alaska
Katmai National Park, Alaska © N8tureGrl

British Isles: Up to $1,400 off

From the Isle of Islay to the Scottish Hebrides, from Ireland’s coast to ports across the Celtic Sea, the British Isles deliver wild beauty in spades. This is a part of Europe where history and culture shine just as brightly as the rugged landscape, some settings so dramatic they appear to cleave off the edge of the Earth.

Case in point, the awe-inspiring columns of the Giant’s Causeway, millions of years in the making. It’s a humbling sight.

The best way to fortify yourself back on board your cruise ship is with a sip or two of single malt. It would be rude not to pay homage to the destinations you’re visiting…

Dorset, UK
Dorset, UK

Galápagos: Up to $2,000 off

Imagine snorkelling with curious sea lions that blow bubbles in your face. Walking among blue-footed boobies and frigate birds so unbothered by your presence they make you go around them. Losing count of the number of flamingos and land iguanas that cross your path.

The animals and stark landscapes of Ecuador’s remote Galápagos Islands captivated naturalist Charles Darwin. And they will mesmerise you, too, as your expedition guides offer insights into the very process of life on Earth.

This ecosystem is as fragile as it is fascinating, and it remains one of the world’s last wilderness frontiers. Only a lucky few get to experience it at any given time. Make sure you’re one.

Isabela Island, Galapagos
Isabela Island, Galapagos © Maridav

Greenland: Up to $1,400 off

Greenland is a place of immense contrasts, from its rugged polar desert in the north to its lush green meadows with farms and wildflowers in the south. The south is also where you’ll find Viking ruins, with several thousand-year-old remains of the Norse colonies that occupied the region.

Active travellers can trek around the edges of a prehistoric ice sheet, which covers 80 per cent of the country; go kayaking near glaciers or take the polar plunge in icy water. Look out for whales, seals and narwhal (the unicorn of the sea) when on (or in) the ocean, and muskoxen, reindeer and polar bears on land.

While in Greenland, get to know the rich cultural traditions and meet the fascinating Inuit people, who will proudly show you around their colourful villages with brightly painted homes.

Aappilattoq, Greenland
Aappilattoq, Greenland © Arnau Ferrer

Iceland: Up to $4,400 off

A point of divergence between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, Iceland is pockmarked with craters and cones. Mud pops and jettisons from bubbling geysers, and steam rushes skywards from cracks in the Earth.

In parts, volcanoes hide beneath glaciers and mounds of snow, which, when it melts, transforms the lush countryside into an endless curtain of waterfalls, some with perennial rainbows.

There are vast underground caves that glitter with kaleidoscopic stalactites, otherworldly lava fields and fjords. Plus the chance of spotting the dancing lights of the aurora borealis when darkness descends.

Through hikes, small boat cruises and shore excursions, you’ll delve deeper into this seismic landscape and its people – did you know that most Icelandic local believe in trolls and elves?

Dynjandi waterfall in Ísafjörður, Iceland
Dynjandi waterfall in Ísafjörður, Iceland © Andrea Klaussner

Norway Expeditions: Up to $3,000 off

Hurtigruten Expeditions pioneered cruising along the Norwegian coastline almost 130 years ago. Its ship captains still transport locals and visitors between hidden coves and colourful villages to this day.

Exploring the coast gives you a front-row seat to the magic of the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun. It takes you into fjords backdropped by snow-dusted mountains, and to rarely-visited islands that are a magnet for seabirds.

And then there’s the other wildlife, from whales to reindeer, the latter of which you’ll likely glimpse in far-flung Sami villages.

Svolvar, Norway
Svolvar, Norway © Ørjan Bertelsen

Svalbard: Up to $4,400 off

Polar bears and puffins, White Nights and Northern Lights – the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is a place that reminds you just how insignificant you are in the world. In the best possible way.

Just a few hundred miles from the North Pole, the Norwegian islands have a raw and addictive beauty. Crisp, sculpted mountains; brooding seas, Bombay Sapphire-blue glaciers; endless icebergs, bobbing along like frozen paddleboards, often carrying a polar bear or two.

And then free from winter’s snow, the tundra becomes painted with patches of colourful arctic flora. The sun doesn’t set on this landscape during the summer months, which means more time for exploring surreal settings.

Hurtigruten Expeditions’ Adventure Awaits sale ends 28 February 2022. Visit their website for full terms and conditions.

MS Spitsbergen in Magdalenefjord, Svalbard
MS Spitsbergen in Magdalenefjord, Svalbard © Stefan Dall

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Lead Hurtigruten cruise image: MS Fram in Svalbard © Nina Helland