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How to turn your home into a five-star hotel

Miss checking in to your favourite hotels around the world? Here’s how you can add a little resort luxury to your boudoir.

Light luxe candles

Avid travellers will no doubt have a stash of fragrant candles collected from their global roamings. Perhaps one from St. Regis hotels around the world: the brand’s signature scent is redolent with notes of apple, cherry blossom, champagne and white lily (it’s also available as a room spray). Or The Dorchester in London’s luxe fig-and-cassis-scented candles. Light your favourites around the house and dream of drifting off to foreign shores.

Don a robe

There is nothing quite like slipping into a soft and cosy bathrobe in your hotel room after a long day of travel. Remind yourself what that plush, velvety cotton feels like on your skin while at home. Try the Ritz-Carlton’s Diamond Waffle Robe, replete with a silky terry velour lining. You’ll want to wear if from breakfast through to bedtime.


Make your bed like a pro

London’s luxe Brown’s Hotel (a Rocco Forte member) has released tips on how to make your bed like a pro. The group’s interior designer, Olga Polizzi, recommends you:

  • Have four pillows on your bed (possibly a combination of down, feathers and non-allergenic).
  • Choose an opulent 400-thread count bed linen in 100 per cent white cotton. This combination is soft and long lasting and can be used all year round.
  • Opt for a natural goose-feather or goose-down duvet at 10 tog, which is suitable for all seasons. For a warmer night, a 100
    per cent pure cotton blanket makes a good alternative.
  • Ensure the bedspread is placed in such a way as to cover the gap between the mattress and the bed base, with the top third folded back on itself.

And… turn it down

Polizzi’s five-star ‘turndown’ experience goes like this: Pull back the bed covers, draw the curtains, pop a chocolate on the pillow, turn off the TV and radio and put your mobile phone in another room. Finally, switch on bedside lamps, or light one of those luxe candles.

Call on your bath butler

Even if that bath butler is you. Set the mood with yet more candles and some soft music. Make sure there’s a glass of something delicious on the ledge as well. Draw the bath, and add a few drops of essential oil and magnesium salts. Pop in a few petals for aesthetic joy. And… soak.

Buy blooms

Flowers and greenery can have a huge impact on your health, reducing stress and helping you find peace of mind. Plus, they smell divine, and nod to those elaborate arrangements in your favourite hotel lobbies. Try long-lasting blooms (like orchids) or indoor plants that bring the added benefit of cleansing the air.

Fun tip

Place a few drops of essential oil onto a tissue and draw it into your vacuum cleaner – this ensures a wonderful smell is powered through your house when vacuum cleaning.

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Main image: Make your bed like they do at Brown’s Hotel in London

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