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How to create a signature scent for your home

Scents not only impact your emotions, but also your mood, concentration and memory recall. Here’s how to create an unforgettable signature aroma in a matter of minutes.

1. Set the mood

Different aromas inspire different emotions. Do you want to be uplifted and energised? Do you want to focus? Or do you want to relax and unwind? If the former, think notes of citrus – if the middle, go for mint. The later? think wood, leather and lavender.

2. Go natural

While store-bought candles, incense and air fresheners add an instant aroma to your home, for a lingering, natural scent, look to nature. Flowers – yes. But also pine cones, sandalwood, cedar fronds and even bunches of herbs (lemongrass and mint are favourites).

3. Create layers

Like everything in your home, moderation is key. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple scents through your rooms. In general, try and keep notes similar. That said, certain aromas work better in certain spaces: fresh citrus notes are great in bathrooms and kitchens, while robust rose and frankincense are ideal in bedrooms.

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Or make it yourself

Three simple ways to make your own home fragrance diffusers.

Air freshner: Half fill a small jar with baking soda (great for absorbing odours) then add 10 to 20 drops of your favourite essential oil. Or, blend a few that mingle well together: try eucalyptus and lemon, or rosemary and lavender. Place gauze over the top and secure with an elastic band.

Reed diffuser: You’ll need a glass jar with a narrow opening for this one. Combine equal parts warm water with vodka, and then add 20 drops of your favourite essential oils. Pour into your jar, then add in a handful of clean cooking skewers. In
a day or two, the liquid will start to move up the sticks.

Simmer scents: Want an immediate aroma? Pop a pot of boiling water on the stove, turn down the heat, and add in a few of your favourite fragrant ingredients: think eucalyptus leaves, lavender blossoms, ginger, citrus or pear peels. Your home will smell gorgeous in a matter of minutes.

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