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Where else can you sleep where sleep where US presidents have slept, swim where Marilyn Monroe swam and sip a tequila sunrise where it

andBeyond’s exclusive-use Phinda Homestead, located in one of South Africa’s most wildlife-rich private game reserves, creates once-in-a-lifetime safari experiences for its lucky guests.

Members-only organisation Luxury Travel Intelligence visited 42 new hotels in 2018, and the verdicts are in.

Located in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Hotel Heritage Bruges reflects the medieval romanticism of the city. The Relaix &

The face of Brisbane’s hotel scene is rapidly changing, with no opening more anticipated than Emporium Hotel South Bank. Cathy Wagstaff is among the

What could be more British than staying a short carriage ride away from the Royal family? Located in the heart of ‘royal London’, surrounded