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Guerlain House presents Gaïa, what are you becoming?

With a focus on the beauty of our planet and our current environmental crisis, Guerlain looks to the future with its new exhibition.

Discussions about climate change, conservation and the environment have never been more vital. In an effort to bring awareness and inspiration to the public – as well as an appreciation for Mother Nature’s beauty – Guerlain House in Paris is presenting Gaïa, what are you becoming?

On display between 18 October and 8 November this year, Gaïa, what are you becoming? brings together around 20 artists from all over the world including Allora & Calzadilla, Russell Crotty, Andy Goldworthly, Eva Jospin, Clay Ketter, Lucy & Jorge Orta, Ibrahim Mahama and Vik Muniz, who will shine a light on the precarious state of our natural world.

A tribute to the Greek goddess of the Earth, the exhibition is a call to recognise our responsibility to act, confronted as we are by a challenge that concerns every one of us: protecting our planet to ensure the generations that come after us have a future to look forward to.

Vik Muniz - Bee, Guerlain House
Vik Muniz - Bee, 2016 © Vik Muniz

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Fabrice Monteiro – Prophecy # 6, 2014 © Fabrice Monteiro

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