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Grab a ticket to ride with Rail Europe

Navigating Europe by train just got easier with Rail Europe’s new-and-improved booking system.

Nabbing the accolade of the number one provider of European rail tickets is no small feat but Rail Europe has earned it, selling over one million tickets a year via its mobile app and localised website. With 80 years of experience behind them, the company has gone from strength to strength, ensuring that they deliver a user-friendly experience by employing cutting edge technology and a team of 1,000 digital experts who keep all their platforms consistently updated.

One of the latest improvements to their user journey has been including tours and additional travel experiences within the platform, allowing customers to book multiple aspects of their holiday at the click of a button.  With many Australians taking a more sustainable approach to travel, it’s no surprise that they go with the highly accessible Rail Europe platform and the journeys they have on offer.

Presenting travellers with European rail products across no less than 30 countries and 25,000 destinations on more than 11,000 different routes, the company provides unparalleled access when it comes to rail experiences. It seems Rail Europe is well on the way to achieving their €500 million revenue target over the next two years, particularly given the 12 per cent sales growth in summer 2019 compared to the previous year.

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