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Did you know Antarctica has luxury accommodation?

Experience the magnificence of Antarctica with a stay at the ice continent’s first and only luxury camp, now easier than ever with the arrival of a private jet service

Antarctica remains a destination for true explorers, vast and dramatic, and filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For more than 10 years, polar explorer Patrick Woodhead and wife Robyn have invited travel connoisseurs to discover the continent’s interior in sumptuous style.

Their White Desert Whichaway Camp is the first and only luxury accommodation in Antarctica. The camp is an oasis of luxury in an inhospitable landscape, offering heated fibreglass igloo-like sleeping pods, a communal lounge pod with a library and a dining room with fur-lined chairs and tantalising cuisine.

White desert lounge 2

Transfers are organised via private Gulfstream jet, and there are a range of optional excursions like visiting a 6000-strong emperor penguin colony or visiting the American science station at the Geographic South Pole.

white desert luxpeditions

Throughout your Antarctic stay, you’ll have the opportunity to learn to high-line between ice peaks, rock climb and trek through ice grottoes with polar explorers as your guides, or simply enjoy the comforts of this sophisticated adventurers’ camp.

white desert luxpeditions

The experience is entirely carbon-neutral, with the company mitigating all emissions generated through fully accredited offset schemes.

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