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Discover the beauty of K’gari with Fraser Island luxury hiking tours

K’gari, previously named Fraser Island, is a place that’s best savoured slowly. While many visitors see this famous Queensland island on a day tour, you can’t really know K’gari Fraser Island until you explore it mindfully, over several days.

Hiking is the best way to take in everything from the grand majesty of its ancient rainforests to the tiniest of butterflies. A quick 4WD tour of the island just doesn’t do it justice.

But a multi-day hiking tour doesn’t need to mean roughing it at campsites or lugging around heavy backpacks.

Fraser Island Hiking, a locally-owned tour company, offers the Best of the Fraser Island Great Walk tour. This walk is ideal for anyone looking for K’gari (Fraser Island) luxury hiking tours. Fraser Island was renamed K’gari in 2021. It is the original Butchulla people’s name for the island.

Each four-day, three-night tour has no more than six guests. Everything is taken care of for you, from knowledgeable local walking guides to luxury accommodation and gourmet meals.

Hiking through rainforest on K'gari
Explore Fraser Island's natural wonders

Discover beautiful scenery with Fraser Island luxury hiking tours

One of Queensland’s most famous multi-day hikes is the Fraser Island Great Walk. It’s a 90km hike that takes around 6-8 days, exploring the landscapes, beaches, and cultural heritage sites. It’s the reason that many avid hikers come to K’gari.

However, if you don’t have time for it all, or would rather hike with an experienced local guide, then the Best of the Fraser Island Great Walk is the ideal solution. It runs throughout March to October, the Queensland hiking season, when the milder temperatures make walking more pleasant.

From your ferry ride from Hervey Bay to all of your walks, meals, accommodation, and island 4WD transfers, everything you need is included in your adventure. Fraser Island Hiking makes it easy to hike the best possible sections of the Great Walk in just a few days.

Best of the Fraser Island Great Walk is designed for couples, solo travellers, or groups of friends, but Fraser Island Hiking is happy to book exclusive tours and tailor to the interests of your group.

Fraser Island luxury hiking led by expert guides at Fraser Island Hiking
You'll be accompanied by expert guides

K’gari luxury hiking without the stress

Multi-day walking tours on K’gari don’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort. This luxury tour does all the heavy work for you — all you need to bring is a daypack.

Forget about pitching a tent — you’ll spend each night in the tranquil Waiuta Retreat, next to Kingfisher Bay Resort. The stress of camping isn’t on the cards.

Instead, wake up refreshed and excited to tackle a day of hiking, before enjoying a gourmet breakfast on your verandah. Listen to the chatter of birds and get to know your fellow hikers before your 4WD transfer to the morning’s location. Each route is planned for you in advance.

luxury toiletries by Fraser Island Hiking
Everything is taken care of, including toiletries, accommodation and meals

Explore the majestic beauty of K’gari that only few see 

K’gari is not only the world’s largest sand island, but it also became UNESCO World Heritage listed in 1992 in recognition of its spectacular natural beauty and unique landscapes.

If you’re unsure as to which areas of the island are best to explore, Fraser Island Hiking has you covered. There’s more than enough time to hike the island’s varied sand, forest, and beach terrain. All hikes are graded easy to moderate, suitable for anyone with an average level of fitness.

Each day brings new adventures to different parts of the island. Wake up early and look for dingo footprints on the beach before heading out on the day’s hike. Experience the Valley of the Giants, home to towering satinay trees—some over 1,000 years old.

You’ll feel small, in a good way, as you walk under the majestic rainforest canopy. Here, you can immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

Hiking near Lake Mackenzie on Fraser Island
Discover the best scenery Fraser Island has to offer

Or, you might find yourself trekking through blackbutt forests to the crystal-clear Lake McKenzie, one of Fraser Island’s most beautiful perched freshwater lakes.

Jump in for a swim to cool down. Or simply admire the lake’s stark colour change from turquoise to rich navy blues where the water deepens.

Your itinerary is chosen to maximise your time on K’gari and show you only the best landscapes, sceneries, and experiences. Your guide is there every step of the way to point out flora, fauna, and cultural history.

You’ll be met by your 4WD transfer at the end of each hike, allowing you to maximise your hiking time without needing to double back. 

4WD transfer on the Best of the Great Walk hiking tour
4WD transfers maximise your time to hike

Small touches that make a big difference 

Fraser Island Hiking tours hold an Eco Certification from Eco Tourism Australia. While this may sound small, it is vital to protecting the delicate environment on K’gari.

All of your experiences on the tour are sustainable and designed to protect nature and wildlife. This ensures you leave only footprints and protect the thousands of native flora and fauna species that call K’gari home.

There are plenty of other small touches that discerning hikers will love, including evening wine and cheese and gourmet dinners of scallops, free-range duck, or locally caught fish — the perfect feast after a day of hiking.

After a relaxing meal with your fellow hikers, retire to your private room in the elevated Waiuta Retreat. Soak up the water views of the Great Sandy Strait.

As you depart on the fourth day of your journey, after soaking up all serenity, adventure, and beauty that your Fraser Island luxury hiking tour had to offer, you’ll leave with a newfound understanding and respect for one of Australia’s most unique ecosystems.

Dinner at sunset after a day of hiking
Relax and unwind after a day on the tracks

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