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Be the first to access FOPE’s MiaLuce collection

J Farren-Price will host an exclusive in-store FOPE jewellery exhibition featuring some of the company’s most opulent new designs.

FOPE fine jewellery began in Vicenza, Italy in 1928. Each exquisite piece is still created in house with the utmost attention to detail.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

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J Farren-Price’s in-store event will feature FOPE jewellery imported especially for the month of December.

Guests will get a sneak peak of the FOPE MiaLuce collection, including Eka MiaLuce and Solo MiaLuce collections from December 1 to December 31.

These collections are the jewels of FOPE’s crown. They feature undulating, organic shapes adorned lavishly with rows of diamonds meticulously set under a microscope.

J Farren Price will offer its exclusive guests a bottle of red wine, presented in a bespoke FOPE bag. They will also receive a Treedom card with any purchase.

Treedom is an online platform where users can plant a tree in vulnerable farming areas and follow it’s growth online.

J Farren-Price established their Sydney boutique at 80 Castlereagh Street Sydney in 1942. Since then it has curated an extensive range of Swiss watches and beautifully crafted jewellery.

The company also produces their own bespoke jewellery collection.

Head to the J-Farren Price website to book your exclusive access.