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Fiji VIP Lane: How you can travel to Fiji NOW

The island nation is supporting tourism with creative COVID-19 policies.

Hankering for an overseas holiday? Fiji might have just the thing for you. The Fiji VIP Lane is a part of the island nation’s broader Luxury Vacation in Paradise initiative, which allows travellers to enter the country without quarantining.

It comes after the success of the Fijian Government’s ‘Blue Lane’ pilot program. That allowed international travellers to enter the country’s waters on their own private yacht, provided that they spent 14 days onboard without outside contact.

The Blue Lane Program saw 95 private yachts enter the country.

Dolphin Island Fiji
Dolphin Island Fiji

Fiji VIP Lane just the first step

The VIP Lane program was an extension of the original Blue Lane. It provided an “end-to-end safe travel pathway” which minimised contact with local Fijians to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

It meant that travellers could quarantine in their holiday accommodation in Fiji.

Now the Fijian Government has extended this program, announcing the Luxury Vacation in Paradise initiative.

This extends the VIP Lane provisions to private islands, which means travellers can fly to Fiji and quarantine on an approved private island resort.

Guests will still need to take precautions though. Fiji’s COVID-19 regulatory body requires travellers to provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test result taken less than 72 hours from departure.

They’ll also need to undergo “strict pre-departure and on-arrival health and hygiene protocols,” according to the COVID-19 Risk Management Taskforce. That includes installing the careFIJI mobile app and keeping Bluetooth on while you’re in the country.

But that seems a small price to pay when you think of those pearl-white beaches and crystal-clear waters.

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