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Let’s face it – Australia is vast. Seeing it all, from the most northerly point of Australia to its southern isles, could take weeks

Boom Supersonic is promising eight-and-a-half-hour flights from LA to Sydney, writes Zac de Silva.

As of Friday, 16 October, passengers travelling from New Zealand will be able to travel to New South Wales without needing to quarantine on

New startup company Space Perspective has announced that it’ll be running balloon flights to the edge of space from 2024.

Flying private around Australia doesn’t necessarily require copious amounts of time. In fact, you can take off and experience incredible attractions in a couple

Since late 1923, Finnair has grown from a small business operating one aircraft from downtown Helsinki to a strong and respected member of the

The Mach 3 would have room for nine to 19 people, all in a business or first class seating.

In a post-coronavirus travel landscape, safety, exclusivity and privacy are top priorities. The best way to have all this guaranteed, and still see Australia

Post-coronavirus, the trend for luxury travel (minus the crowds) sees families and small groups of friends flying private, staying in exclusive villas and chartering

Private space exploration company Virgin Galactic has announced it scored a deal with NASA to train private astronauts for spaceflight.