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Ponant has released a film following Andrew’s adventure through Antarctica. Visit breeding colonies of King Penguins, seals, sea lions, dolphins and sea birds.

Ultramarine has two helicopters onboard for heli-hiking, alpine kayaking and ice-sheet landings.

Imagine spotting a polar bear along the ice edge, cruising deep Arctic fjords in a Zodiac or riding a helicopter high above the clouds

Natarsha Brown goes in search of the Northern Lights, and finds much more ashore.

Hurtigruten will become the first cruise company to take on Africa with this stunning west coast itinerary.

It's a firm favourite of luxury travellers the world over. Now Seabourn expedition cruises are going to become even more opulent.

This FREE 86-page multimedia ebook encapsulates the dazzling destinations Hurtigruten Expeditions travels to, revealing highlights of both poles, as well as Alaska, Greenland and

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A Hurtigruten Expeditions' Antarctica cruise is a rare chance to truly understand Antarctica, rather than just see it.