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These 4 exclusive itineraries will awaken your inner adventurer

These 4 exclusive itineraries will awaken your inner adventurer

Adventure Abroad founder and CEO, Tom Allwright, set out with a vision to not only inspire the intrepid spirit of discerning world travellers, but challenge the industry standard in all things adventure.

Specialising in premium journeys, Adventure Abroad sets itself apart with services and opportunities to which other companies do not have access. Expect once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will change your outlook, while sacrificing nothing in style, with a selection of first-class airlines, VIP services and exclusive-access destinations on these four adventures.

1. Luxury Tour du Mont Blanc

Undertake one of the world’s most renowned hikes circumnavigating the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc. This breathtaking adventure (in all senses of the word) has been hailed as the world’s most luxurious hiking trip, with spectacular scenery the omnipresent backdrop. The 170-kilometre journey will see travellers ascend 10,000 metres, staying in a quaint Swiss ski village, dining at an altitude of 3,466 metres in Italy and sampling the fine wines of Val Ferret along the way. Visit restricted locations, learn from knowledgeable guides, embark on a private helicopter tour and retreat to high-end accommodation in the evenings.

2. Luxury Everest Base Camp

Arrive at the Everest Base Camp via private helicopter transfers from Lukla on this exclusive journey to the world’s tallest mountain. Guests will trek the Himalayas in unparalleled comfort with VIP lodging and accommodation, a private chef, secluded Himalayan day spa retreat and access to stunning sacred sites such as the Tengboche Monastery, learning about the region’s culture and history from expert guides. The pinnacle of this exclusivity is a private VIP experience for as few as two people.

3. Luxury Kilimanjaro Volcano

Spectacular canyons, glaciers and lava landscapes have earned the dormant volcano of Mt Kilimanjaro its status as one of the world’s most coveted treks. Found in over 1,500 square kilometres of national parklands near the Tanzanian city of Moshi, the area is home to rare wildlife including elephants, blue monkeys and leopards. Adventure Abroad’s top-of-the-range gear, private mountain chef and superior camping arrangements deliver the physical and mental rewards of reaching Kili’s 5,895-metre summit in comfort.

4. Bespoke

If these experiences have stirred an unfulfilled dream in your heart, the experts at Adventure Abroad also curate unique adventures for clients based on personal goals. So far, these have included bespoke expeditions to the Scandinavian fjords, the North Pole, the gorillas of Uganda and the Papua New Guinean jungles, just to name a few.

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