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Etihad Airways win Environmental Airline of the Year 2023

Etihad Airways lead the way towards a more sustainable aviation industry.

Etihad Airways has been named the Environmental Airline of the Year for 2023, according to It’s the second year in a row that Etihad Airways has won the title, which acknowledges airlines committed to sustainable aviation through innovation.

The world’s most environmentally friendly airline

At the core of Etihad Airways’ sustainability strategy is the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, the airline celebrated the arrival of an A350-1000 aircraft, which is fuel efficient and has lower carbon emissions than other aircraft. The A350-1000 is used as part of the Sustainable50 program, a partnership between Etihad, Airbus and Rolls Royce that makes use of Etihad’s A350s as flying testbeds for new initiatives, procedures and technologies to reduce carbon emissions. In their most recent sustainability report, Etihad announced a 26% reduction in CO2 emissions per Revenue Tonne Kilometre (RTK).

“Etihad Airways has demonstrated its leadership in the push for sustainable flight with its Greenliner Boeing 787 program and last year with its Sustainability50, A350 aircraft. In every aspect, Etihad Airways staff and management are committed to reducing the airline’s CO2 footprint – and it shows,” says Editor-in-Chief, Geoffrey Thomas. “The rallying phrase is ‘a a million things count in reducing emissions and thus the focus is all-consuming. The airline’s Sustainability Report 2021-2022 demonstrates the potential advancements to be made in sustainable aviation by a wide range of initiatives.”

What is Etihad Airways known for?

Etihad Airways is based in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, and is the fastest-growing airline in the history of commercial aviation. Known for its comfortable cabins and excellent business and first-class offerings, the airline has won awards for its customer service, cabin crew, economy class, frequent flyer program and more. Etihad Airways also placed in the top 25 premium airlines for 2023, according to

Etihad’s 2023 sustainability achievements:

  • 26% reduction in CO2 emissions per Revenue Tonne Kilometre (RTK)
  • 5 A350 aircrafts joined the Etihad fleetPlanted 68,916 Mangrove trees as part of Etihad Mangroves Forest project
  • Recycled over 29,000 plastic bottles by employees with DGrade
  • Saved 770,000+ litres of water from waterless bus washing
  • 3,700+ tonnes CO2 offset by guests
  • Operating over 40 ecoFlights in 2022
  • 4.9m+ carbon neutral air kilometres flown by guests
  • Announced new circular economy dining service
  • An expansion on the brand’s green loyalty offering with Corporate Conscious Choices
  • Continued developing the Sustainable Aviation Fuel roadmap
  • Operated the first Etihad NetZero* flight powered entirely by Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Book & Claim
a bar with red bar stools and coffee lounge to the left.
Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi Airport.

What are the environmental impacts of airlines and the aviation industry?

Aviation is considered to be one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Aircraft engines produce carbon dioxide emissions, noise and air pollution, and consume fossil fuels. Due to the high altitudes at which this pollution and carbon emissions are spread, the negative impact is higher and can trigger atmospheric reactions that contribute to global warming.

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