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Editorial and Advertising Policies

Signature Media’s editorial policy relates to content published across our suite of titles which include Signature Luxury Travel & Style, Vacations & Travel, Holidays with Kids and LATTE Luxury News.

Our mission is to inspire our readers to travel, explore and create meaningful memories.

Advertising policy 

As an independent publisher, Signature Media is funded by advertising. This keeps the content across all of our sites free for you to read and enjoy.

Any content that has been paid for by an advertiser will be clearly marked with a ‘Sponsored by’ or ‘In partnership with’ tag.

Signature Media will only accept advertisements we deem are suitable and relevant to our readers. We will never publish advertisements that go against our editorial policy or ethics. 

Editorial Policy

We strive to produce factually accurate, balanced, ethical and well-researched content for our readers. 

Our editorial is subject to proofreading and fact-checking. If we do however make a mistake we will correct the information on the website. 


If you think a content piece needs to be updated or corrected, please email


Complaints can be sent to


Signature Media uses affiliate links on its sites. If you click on an affiliate link we may earn a small commission. 


We may embed content from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. We will always follow the terms of service of the individual platforms, and will always try to find the original creator of a piece of content and give them appropriate credit.