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Discover the magic of nature at Eden Health Retreat

Embrace the art of slowing down, reconnecting with yourself and focusing on what it is that you need to feel well at Eden Health Retreat.

Emphasising the magic of connecting with nature, a stay at Eden provides the opportunity to experience a range of nurturing activities, invigorating nature walks, mud therapy, spa treatments and so much more. As an integral part of your stay, you’ll also indulge in an exceptional dining experience featuring locally sourced, organic ingredients designed to nurture, nourish and inspire.

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Blending nourishing meals and intentional movement with a beautiful environment to pause and recharge, Eden offers the perfect space to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, life change or personal growth, the team of health and wellness experts at Eden are there to support you on your unique wellness journey. Let go of the noise of daily life and immerse yourself in the magic of nature. This is your time.

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