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Ease travel pains with Madame Magnesium

Ease travel pains with Madame Magnesium

A magnesium-rich cream formulated to aid common magnesium deficiency symptoms – headaches, insomnia, joint pain – is gaining a following around the world. For travellers, a 50ml jar can be tucked into carry-on luggage to relieve long-haul issues such as cramping, restless and aching legs, and a lack of sleep. Applying the no-sting cream to the arches of the feet when it’s time to nod off is the most effective method. And, at optimum levels, magnesium helps the body prevent travel sickness, particularly sea sickness. Made with organic ingredients and concentrated magnesium chloride, fans of the cream say that it’s perfect for easing travel sickness and helping to restore balance.

The cream was formulated by Tanya Hickey, who drew on her background in natural health, traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and esoteric healing to create a product with all the benefits of magnesium creams, without the smell, itchiness and sting of other products. By applying magnesium directly to the skin, Hickey found that it absorbed more readily than magnesium taken orally because it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, liver and digestive system. While it’s best absorbed through certain ‘access points’, including the arches of the feet and the insides of the elbows, it can also be applied directly to aching muscles – perfect for soothing sore legs after a day wandering through the backstreets of your new favourite city (wherever that might be). Or, if a migraine is disrupting your best-laid holiday plans, apply the cream directly to the shoulders and the back of the neck.

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