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Discover the world of the Reverso

Discover the world of the Reverso

It was in 1931 when a group of British army officers, stationed in India, challenged Jacques-David LeCoultre to design a watch able to withstand the rigours of polo, the country’s most prestigious sport.

It was this challenge that led to the creation of the Reverso watch. Its case flips over and thus the glass is protected against the wearer’s wrist, allowing the watch to withstand all blows while losing nothing of its elegance. A watch-making icon was born.

It was this timeless elegance that has caught the eye of King Edward the VIII, Amelia Earhart, Jay-Z, Clive Owen, Martin Scorsese, Jamie Fox, Al Pacino and Robert Downey Jr – among other illustrious Reverso owners. And recently designers like Christian Louboutin have joined the Jaeger-LeCoultre family, designing a beautiful line of Reverso for the female collector.

In addition to the stars wearing the Reverso in their real lives, the Reverso has also found fame on the silver screen. ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Batman Forever’, ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ and TV show ‘Mad Me’n, to name a few, all feature the Reverso prominently.

The men’s and women’s collection, with a range of sizes and materials available, truly embodies the innovation and fine watch-making skills that Jaeger-LeCoultre stands for. The Reverso is firmly entrenched in the annals of watchmaking history.


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